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Monday, 27 October 2014

Shake it up, and what comes out is...


I'm coming out as a snob.

So what is my snobbery?
Simply that: 
  • I really, really don’t want bleached-out jeans, fluffy or baggy trainers, T-shirts printed with not-so-catchy phrases and  leggings as a part of my work attire. 
  • Also, I fail to accept that one can willingly come to work wearing "just woke up" face, all mapped-out by the pillow marks. Waking up early s no excuse to be seen like you're still asleep.
  • Ladies, please! At least brush your lovely hair; and lose the "nest" you're having on the top of it (we all have it, but some chose to ignore the morning brushing-out).
  • No matter how tasty and succulent that bite might be, no one really needs to hear it.. in the office next door 

...and I truly, honesty, with all my heart cheer for love - but, oh dear.. listening about the late night endeavors that ended with dashing out the window so his wife won't see you.. NOT something me (or anyone, as a matter of fact!) should listen.. in an office. Ever.

So, yes.. I've had quite a day.. and:

"Hello. My name is Marija.
...and I am a snob"

Jokes aside, I do like pretty things.
Have you spotted my adorable brooch?! You know something - you can find something similar. This one was given to me as a birthday gift, sent all the way from Canada, by my dear friend Jessica, from Chroncally Vintage. Do make sure to hop by her place at Etsy and you'll be amazed. Thank you ever so much (again), dear!

Quick note:
You do realize the post above was a joke? :)
...but, to every joke, there's a bit of truth. Yes, there are people who neglect themselves like that. There are women who don't bother to get ready (yes, she did jump out the window last night). And, yes - I do mind when they ask me why no one respects them.

Are you snobs like this, too?


  1. Oh my, it most certainly does sound like you've had an earful and a half this week, my dear! I'm with you entirely on the fashion front. Yes, objectively I believe that we can all dress as we please, but surely a bit more thought, time and personal pride could do into many (!) peoples' wardrobe choices thees days. It's gotten to the point in my small town where, I swear, if I see a woman under the age of 40-50 in non-skinny jeans (but instead straight leg, wide leg, boot cut, trouser cut, etc), it almost looks like she's dressing up. Could you imagine what our foremothers in the 30s and 40s would think of that concept!

    Sweetheart, I adore how you've styled the birthday brooch I sent you (you are endlessly welcome for it). My eyes lit up with complete delight when I saw you wearing it here and I'm so very touched that you wanted to share it with all of your readers. You've also reminded me of just how chic and fantastic a scarf clamped off right near the neck with a classic brooch can look. With the cold weather here again, I'll have to take your lead there and keep my neck toasty in the same stylish way.

    Tons of hugs & happy Halloween Eve, Eve, Eve wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hello Jess.
      True, I did have quite a day then. The issues piled up, and I felt the sudden urge to burst it all out. Since it is not gracious not polite to have a nervous break down in the middle of the office, I've opted for writing it here. It's a constructive way of stress relieving.

      Thank you for your lovely compliment on my amazing gift..

      Lots of hugs