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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Read with me - The lure of open road (1944)


I haven't had a read-along, ever.
There's a first time for everything. And with my (by now boring) liking of comute by two wheels, I found this book precious.. and something I'd like to share with the world.

You can find the book HERE
(it's my own google drive, so not to fear - no bugs and beetles there to bite you) :)

The book is writen by Thelma Popp Jones of her bicycling trip in the summer of 1944 with her friend, Doris Roy. She and Doris rode their bikes from Buffalo, NY, to Cairo, Illinois where they caught a riverboat to New Orleans.

Thelma includes lists of the groceries they bought and how much they cost, pictures of her and Doris at their various destinations, and typewritten letters sent home to reassure their worried parents. I was excited to see the picture below of the ladies in the Court Of Two Sisters restaurant in New Orleans. It was where my husband and I celebrated our engagement. Take a look at what it used to look like.
Agenda for June 24
Morning - Parson's Farm
Noon - Held up by wind and rain
Night - Johnny Phillips' Farm, Pennsylvania
Breakfast - Grapefruit, bran flakes, dried prunes, milk
Dinner - (Restaurant) Mushroom soup, ham sandwich, milk (2 glasses)
Breakfast milk $0.05
Grape juice $0.20
Soup $0.20
Sandwiches $0.40
Milk $0.40
2 eggs (found lying in chicken coop) $0.00
Total $1.25 (Doris Pays)

Another excerpt from the book:
All the songs we had learned as Camp Fire Girls seemed to find their proper place on the open road. Pedaling side by side we kept up an endless stream of songs fitting the blue of the morning, fitting the white of the highway, fitting the wind in our faces, fitting the gypsy song in our hearts.

Along the road that leads the way,
We travel as it wills,
Our hearts a guidepost good enough
To find both dale and hill.
Our hearts are light, our courage high,
The way is good and broad.
Give a cheer! Give a cheer! Give a cheer! Rah!
Hurrah for the open road!

Please give it a read if you have some time…

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