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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Me, lately....

Hello there!

I'm quite sure you've noticed my posting was a bit austere for some time (being honest: for the duration of the summer). 
  • Reason number one: the fact that the job got the best of my time, and I allowed myself to spread the my time unevenly, and squeeze out the time for writting.
  • Reason number two: as you may have noticed from my posts, is my cycling. I used every single free moment to ride under the sun. 
  • Reason number three: the little remaining time I had, I used to boost up my social activities: went to festivals, art shows, wisited friends much more often..

One good thing happened from all of that: I have managed to (drumrolls, please): get the "happy" level to the roof. My health and fitness are great, I have made one strong friendship, I got rid of some bad habbits in life.. so, I call this past time an absolute success.


Long time ago, back in late December 2013, we have all made our New Year's resolutions. Have you re-visited your posts about it; or have you re-read them from the pages you've writen them on - just to make sure you're on the right track? I have. And, I'm proud to say: I am. :)

I have managed to engage in quite some social activities; but there can always be more. 
The same goes for keeping up with my friend's activities.

I FAILED at managing stress. I have, and I admit it.
Coping with stress is a process, and it requires time. Slowly, I'm learning to accept certain things that upset me (things I can not control, therefore they should become one of those "let it be" issues in my life). 
Also, I have learned to ignore people. Sure, it sounds horrible, but it's a necessary skill when dealing with various agressive, subborn and just "plain wrong" folks. I nod my head, listen to their story, and continue with my day. THIS is a thing I've learned from "the old ways" - post on that coming soon!

As for backing up - I can say it saved me from a large amount of stress (my phone died, and I would have lost all data.. but, fortunately I do my regular data-backup). 

All that cycling did me well, my dear friends. 

Both, my health and my fitness have improved; and it's most noticable in the mirror: 
I am satisfied with the reflection.

I have kept myself busy these past few (rainy) days: I have done some sewing, touching-up some skirts. Hard as it may be - fitting garments is a MUST, especially for high-wasited skirts. They are hard to find in shops; young(er) girls prefer their skirts to dangle from their hips, and I prefer mine to fit me "like a glove". 
I was quite happy to find this one:

..and this is my outfit today:

Indeed, my hair color is lighter. :)

Not to forget, I'm still keeping the other place running. Make sure to stop by and get inspired by the Old Hollywood. 
Here's a glimpse of the issues the "Photoplay" magazine covers:

New pages are out every Tuesday and Thursday. There's plenty of amazing things to read, all the vintage stars are placed on the posters (for your taking).. 


And it's time to wrap this up.
I hope you'll read this, and get some inspiration from it. I will leave you with a thought I'm having for quite some time:



  1. I'm truly happy for your, my sweet friend, and love that you wanted to share some of the immensely positive things that you've been diligently hard at work on in recent months. I can see a renewed brightness in your eyes, happiness on your face, and general glow of positively about you. That's marvelous and I hope with all my heart that things only continue to look up and up for you on as many fronts as possible for the rest of the year and beyond.

    I'm sure your positive changes will inspire many online and off, honey!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you ever so much for your lovely words, dear Jessica.
      It means to world to me, to hear that the changes are noticeable from the outside - since I feel great inside.

      Many, many hugs

  2. I am so happy that you found happiness and health! And that truly shows in your pictures. I wish you all the best Marija! <3

    1. Thank you, darling!
      I'm so glad that the images show my inner feeling of goodness. And I'm happy to read good words from good folks like yourself, dear.

      Many hugs