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Monday, 20 October 2014

House is a home

Hello there

It's Monday, people! 
I hope you've woken up fine, your coffee smells good and your mood great. I see a lot of folks nowadays struggling with waking up on Mondays, being moody all morning, and wishing it was still weekend. 
They are missing out on an amazing feeling that Monday has. It's energetic, it's refreshing - it's a new start for all your plans and projects.

This morning, allow me to introduce you to a lovely house plan. This house is not large, it measures: 8.8 meteres long and 9 meters long (80 square meters - PERFECT sizing!)


The Hillcrest is a side-gabled vernacular cottage that is tidy and charming with absolutely no wasted space. The two bedrooms open onto the living room and dining room and share a Jack and Jill bathroom, a configuration common twenty years previously, but less common in kit home plans during the 1920s.

Enjoy Monday!

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