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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

BURDA Wednesday

 Hello there, my friends!

I love it when a magizine cover features bright, red, suit - just like our darling Burda does today! Right here, on the cover, we can see the changes: hats are wider and more flat, waists are still quite tight, but the blazer has shortened, and the ends are rounder.

Take a look of what elese is new, in February 1956.

 Yes, it's "meen Blacky" page

 Reminds me of cherry-blosson in Japan
Could it be where the inspiration has came from?!

 Bold color combinations (to my liking)
to wake up the spring mood.

 In case you're going to a coctail party, consired
every single detail - as featured on these pages

 Now, now - something new - spot the 
bottom of this adorable red skirt!

 Classic, but gorgeous.

 Going "all in" is IN. :)
Match your skirt, upper part and blazer
(not something we see folks doing nowadays, 
since we prefer to match)

 First comunion outfits.

 Take a look at this print, it's so refreshing.
Not everything has to be square, you know? :)

 Every single little detail in this bottom left outfit
is something I'd love having.
(even her eyebrows)

 (to those who understand this): it's all about 
caring for your fabric .. or so I think.

As a short-haired, red-loving person, I say: YES
to this amazing, last page.. for now.

I hope I'm leaving you in good mood.


  1. Lovely images, thank you for scanning them. I'm all for the cover outfit:)

    1. Dear Joanna,
      We agree on the red outfit. It+s magnificent - and what a way to wear a hat!