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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

BURDA Wednesday - March 1956, part I

Hello lovelies!

I like our Wednesdays together. It's a fine day, a bit more busy on the job part (but, as my parents like to remind me "better having a lot of work, than having no job"). Seeing these lovely, fashionable ladies at their best is a perfect way to wind-down.

Let me take you back to March 1956.

Putting a button-up to the side
changes entire outfit from simple to refreshing.

I suppose this is introduction to the new style:
chinese look for the summer.

Lovely form, bold print
combined with toned-down accessories

I love the matching of inner coat and the suit
Note the pale purple gloves.

They call it "the ensemble", and it used to consist of:
skir, blazer, coat and (sometines) waiscoat

Summer fashion!

Reminds me of the song 
"Lady in red, is dancing with me cheek-to-cheek"

"New collection features extended waist"
I'm sure there's a need for serious shape-wear
 in order to achieve this look

True to the title above, these ladie's wear now has
deep, long waistline - and it looks stunning

Stripes, yes.
Boring? Never.

Get ready for the summer,
get ready for spot.

Tennis is a big thing in my country,
I don't follow the sport (more of a cycling fan, myself);
but I would watch it the outfits changed back to this. :)

She has taken my breath away 
(you know I'm talking about the lady in red - again)
The entire look is sheer perfection!

Am I allowed to be envious
of a model from days gone by.. and her waist size?

"Practical shapes"
or, as we call it: Everyday Wear

Such a lovely color

"Practical raincoat
Chic leather jacket
plus the matching blouse"

The image in the upper right is so refreshing

Ideas for skirt.

"Sissy has a versatile use for the
polka dot dress"

Look at the bows :)

New era for the shirt dress.

Nightwear for the girls

There's a great deal of ideas around us. And, it is our choice weather to see them, and not. We are, every day, surrounded by the images that may bring the smile to our faces. We just need to let them in.. and enjoy the happy time.
I'm bursting with optimism - I wish the same to you.


  1. Oh I love that look on page 6, red scarf, red gloves and mid-century printed dress! Ok I also like many other looks... :-)

    1. Susan,
      Your choice is great. I like all the ladies' wear on that image, my favorite from there would be the one on the righ - green one.. but, I'm subjective when it comes to green.
      So nice of you here.


  2. The fashions in this week's edition are undeniably fantastic and I adore them all, but I'm every bit as smitten with chapeaus featured with them as well. The wide platter/cartwheel styles in particular - they're amongst my favourite hat styles ever!

    Oodles of hugs & happy start of November wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh, yes.
      We've reached mid-1950s. The fashion shifted, and the lines are much more suitable for the likes of you and me. Accessorizes are amazing, colors are grand.. I have to say: I'm quite enjoying these..