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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Love Story: What Price Love


It's late, and I know you're used to seeing this in the morning.. but, better late than never, right?

It just happens to be one of the busiest Sundays I've had in ages! As soon as I got up (and I am an early riser, so my getting up, on weened is around 7:30), I saw that it'll be a gorgeous day. And, since Saturday was a "red letter in a calendar"-day (meaning: it was a day dedicated to a saint, and we are no supposed to do any domestic work), I shifted my duties for today.
First off - I went to farmers market. Fresh produce, a chance to pick your favorite.. all those smells - not something I like missing out on.
Then, I decided to make a little cleaning experiment, and I'll write about that one, since t was so successful, I still can't believe it.
Sun was amazing, it was warm, and there was no wind. Naturally, we went cycling. On weekdays I cycle alone, but on weekend I am fortunate to be accompanied by my brother.
Lastly, just before the sun has set, I was invited on a little event. Do you know what Oriflame is? It's Swedish cosmetics company, and they are quite similar to world famous Avon - but we prefer it better over here. (If you would like to know more, click HERE for their global site.) I had my skin analyzed, we were shown some amazing product, sniffed all their perfumes.. we had a girly tea-time fun.

...And that s why this love story comes so late.

Enjoy your evening, my dear friends!

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