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Saturday, 6 September 2014

"It is forbidden..." - time for poetry

Hello there.

We haven't had poetry here in a while. And, it just happens that I have an amazing, inspiring, insightful and, personally, emotionally empowering poem.

It is forbidden by Pablo Neruda

It is forbidden to cry without learning,
to wake up one day not knowing what to do,
to be afraid of your memories.

It is forbidden not to smile at problems,
not to fight for what you want,
to abandon everything because of fear,
not to transform your deams into reality.
It is forbidden not to show your love,
to make someone pay for your debts and your bad mood.
It is forbidden to leave your friends,
not to try to understand what you lived & shared together,
to call them only when you need them.
It is forbidden not to be yourself in public,
to feign with people you don't care about,
to fake being funny just to make them remember you,
to forget all the people who love you.
It is forbidden not to make things by yourself,
not to believe in God and forge your fate,
to be afraid of life and its engagements,
not to live each day like it was your last.
It is forbidden to miss someone without
cheering, to forget his eyes, his smile,
just because your paths stopped being embraced,
to forget his past and pay it with his present.
It is forbidden not to try to understand people,
to think that their lives are more valuable than yours,
not to know that each person has his own ways and his own happiness.
It is forbidden not to create your history,
not to have a moment for the people who need you,
not to understand that whatever life gives you, it takes it away as well.
It is forbidden not to search for your happiness,
not to live your life with a positive attitude,
not to think that we can be better,

not to feel that, without you, this world wouldn't be the same.

This poem has given me, more than once, many great thoughts. It has a lot of weight, strength and it lead me to a better version of me. It s one of those poems that at worth knowing.

What do you think?

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