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Monday, 22 September 2014

Cycling for skirt-wearer

Hey there!

It's raining outside. Unfortunately, I am not equipped for cycling n the rain, so I opted for walking under my red umbrella. As I was hopping over the ponds (and stepping in some mud, but that's the joy of it), I felt strong surge of feeling free. Almost as free as I know many ladies back in the day felt the first time they were allowed to cycle.
I am cycling for fitness, sightseeing and sheer amount of fun it provides.
While each individual is motivated to ride for different reasons, including reducing emissions, staying fit, or the adrenaline of competition, it’s hard to deny the historical link between cycling and women’s liberation.

I have found one amazing image that tells it all.

"Sew on your own buttons,
I'm going for a ride"

The right to define her own style of dress was not the only right that female cyclists demanded. Bicycles allowed women to travel by their own strength and volition, negating the need for chaperones. Long confined to the domestic sphere of the family home, women were finally free to explore their communities in which they resided.

I, for one, am eternaly grateful to those pioneers!

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