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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hey there!

In case you're wondering where's your Burda, and why it's late today.. it's because I'm bad at juggling tasks, and I can't do many things at a time. I do praise Napoleon, but he's one of a kind. Yes, surely, there are a lot of folks out there claiming they can do "multitasking", but I'm not one that belongs to that clique. I like to do one thing at a time, at my own pace - to make sure every single thing I do has got my maximum attention.

Without further ado, there it is, the second part of December 1955:

 Unfortunately: NO, there is no pattern for the penguin.

There we have it - half a decade of fashion, done.

In case you haven't heard of it - I do have another little blog of mine. You can hop over there, by clicking HERE 
and enjoy your heart's delight in 1930's era.. Hollywood style!

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