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Friday, 22 August 2014

House is a home


To those who work on weekdays, this day is probably marked in calendar (red marker, underlined) and the words are: "weekend starts now". 
Like any other, I enjoy the fact that it's Friday. Sure, there's pending housework, but there is some joy in doing the work, and spending time in the house I call my home. Let me tell you one thing: I can't wait for weekend, because the new carpet is arriving. 
We have painted the walls in my parent's bedroom (yellow), and they ordered a new carpet. I haven't seen it, so I'm excited about it coming tomorrow. I know there are those among you who despise full length carpets in the rooms. We are all different. We like our house warm to touch with bare feet. :)

If you are planning a new house, or thinking about byuing one - here's a little gem that just might spark your inspiration.


Like most small homes of the first part of the 20th century, the Euclid was a charming house with an open floor plan with plenty of light and easy flow. It has larger than usual rooms and the living room has a bowed end that must have been particularly pleasant. So light was it, that it was called the "solarium".

The bedrooms have windows on two sides to ensure cross-ventilation. Their privacy from the living areas is assured by the connecting hallway from the dining room. The kitchen has a convenient service entrance allowing easy access to the basement.

I hope this charming house has inspired you.


  1. Most definitely! And it also brought back memories of the first street we lived on here in Penticton, which was (at the time) peppered with turn of the century through onto 1950s homes (ours, built in 1909, was the oldest on the street still - a street which at one point long before my family ever lived there, had housed the town's first tennis court and as such was named, fittingly, Tennis Street). There was one pretty much across the street (and to the left a little) from us that looked fairly similar to this. It was owned by a (super nice) retired nurse and her husband, though sadly he passed on night from a heart attack (which devastated my little brother at the time, as he was friends with this lovely gentleman, as most in the neighbourhood were). That lady (Carol) was one of the first people to ever give me a vintage item - passing along an old medical textbook to me (which I believe I still have, thanks to my sweet mom holding onto it for me for many years as I moved here and there around the world).

    What a sweet, special stole down memory lane. Thank you, dear Marija!

    Oodles of hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you as well for your latest email. I wholeheartedly look forward to replying to it soon and promise you that it didn't "bore" me in the slightest (quite the opposite!).

    1. What a wonderful memory, thank you for sharing it.
      The houses, as you probably, know my evoque memories, and bring the joy back to us. That is yet another reason for taking long walks, you get to see the past, re-live some lovely pictures from it..

      I can't wait for your answer, dear.