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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Fun at the beach - in a lovely swimsuit.

Hello there.

I am not going to the sea-side this year. This year, I've chosen not to indulge myslef, but to stay at home and help with the massive re-decorating (there's a door to be remover and walled-up, and there's a number of rooms to be plastered and painted.)
However, if you are heading to the beach, I'm sure this little find of mine will help you be the "most original" lady out there. 
Sorry, gents, I haven't found one for yo - but, I'm still looking.

Here we go:

You can enlarge it, to see the details.
I suppose you can size it down (or up) acoriding to your body size.

...and just to make sure we're looking fabulous, here's a vintage exercise to keep us fit.

If you get to the beach, remember me - and send me your "hello"

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