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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hello there.

It's Wednesday?
Gosh, it should be called "Sleepless-day".. I' haven't got much sleep. We have gone to a business trip that was supposed to be "just a meeting, and we'll get home before evening" - but it ended with me getting home at 02:30 in the morning. Knowing that my wokd day starts at 07:00 in the morning - you can guess what I look like today. 
There's a song in our language, and the lyrics are "walking like a zombie" - perfect way to demonstrate my appearance.

However, that is no reason for me not to send you back to 1955.

Еnjoy Wednesday, my dear friends.


  1. Hi,

    I love these!

    Are they your scans? Do you also scan in the instruction booklet? I would love to see those.


    1. Hello Annie!
      The scans are in my possesion, but I haven't done the scanning. I was fortunate enough to find them some time ago.
      If you are interested in some particular pattern, I can send it to you (but, bare in mind, I don't have patterns for all the dresses, since they are not fully scanned).

      Thank you for stopping by, dear.