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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Love story and my 28th birthday.


To all of you out there who congratulated me on my 28th birthday, I wish to say "Thank You" from the heart; thank you for remembering, thank you for caring.

Cake for everyone!

First of all, let's take a look at today's love story. And, if you are still up for it, we'll get close & personal right after this weeks portion of sweetness.
Let's go:

Sweet, sweet story. Truly makes the on a Sunday.

Now, if you have one more moment, I would like to give you another little personal insight of me.

Ask the birthday - girl :)

5 personal questions - answered

1.Would you rather be liked or respected?
I chose this question because it's the hardest thing to answer. I cherish people's opinions, and I like being likes (don't we all). But, in some areas of my life I suppose I would prefer to be respected over being liked. Simply because I have always had an idea that that is what makes you a proper "grown up". Then again, there are days when I have to keep a respectable appearance, and the price is quite high (I have been called that nasty "bit**" name to my face); the balance is still hard for me. My job requires me to be respected; and as a person I like being seen as kind, and graceful.. balancing those two (when most days they stay on opposite sides, and I have to be crude and executive).. it's hard.

2What’s something your parents used to say to you as a child that you promised yourself you’d never say—but now you catch yourself saying all the time?
Oh, dear.. there a quote by one of our authors, it goes: "Start beating your kids once they begin to act like you". I don't know the exact time the metamorphosis happened, but by now I can tell you one thing: no matter how much I struggled, I'm a "spitting image" of my mom.. :)  There's a word for "mess" (a local slang used only in these areas) and my mom used it on me often (guilty!). I swore I'd never ever say it - and I catch myself using it all the time.

3. What are you a “natural” at doing?
Here's the "glitch": I'm good and natural at only one thing. And that is: selflessly giving everything to help other achieve whatever they have in mind. People from this part of the word like to call people like me "like the butter on the bread" - meaning I'm soft. And, I am. I have a soft spot for the weak, and I always had. Even if it might get me in trouble, I'd help those that need it (must I add that that is quite prone to abuse by the Lazy Ones?)

4What motivates you to improve yourself? 
I don't live to hear the people praise me. As a matter of fact, I run from praises (I believe it's called "the ostrich effect" - I shove my head down and feel shame when praised) There's another method, that worked for me my entire life: The mirror (not the newspaper, but the object in the bathroom). There's a guilty look in my face when my mind knows I could do better. My face can not hide emotions, and the reflection is the best tool to improve myself. I don't like the "guilty face" I see; and therefore I push myself to do better, be braver, go further - until the mirror reflect the smiling face.

5. How often do you fall in love?
There it goes. If you could see me - I'm blushing. Emotions are strange. It's not something I easily manage. It's not controllable, and therefore I find it hard to cope. (does one even cope with emotions?). That is why every time I even "smell" there's a tide of emotions coming my way, I remember Yeats's "Tread softly because you tread on my dreams".. and those are so overly tender, don't you agree? So, the truth is: I fall in love barely, it takes time and the fact that I'm utterly shy does not help.


This is what awaited me yesterday morning when I entered the living-room.
My family got me my favorite flowers.

Again: thank you all for your kind words, and I hope this year will bring us a lot to remember and smile about.

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