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Saturday, 26 July 2014

House is a home

Hey there!

While ago I was happy to find out that another person whom I know is building a house. It gives me great pleasure to hear such news. And it gives me grand hopes, that one day it'll be my time. 
I haven't yet went to see the home, but I'm sure it will, to it's owner, be the best place in the planet. I can only imagine the excitement that putting every brich into the wall must give. Building a house (like planting a tree) is something for the future. It lasts. 

Here is another great plan for our consideration. Today's house is called:


Completed with the adorable rocking chair and hanging flower-baskets.
A dream-house.

The Dover model, offered by Montgomery Ward in their 1930 catalog, is a classic bungalow floor plan that is simplified and streamlined in design and ornamentation. The clean cross-gabled styling presages the stripped-down Colonial that would eventually be called minimal traditional.

I hope you've liked this..

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