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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Come, meet me at the Fair!

Hey there!

It's time for me to post about our Town Fair. :)

All the candies you can ever desire
Hello Kitty was never more popular

I started my day quite early. You see, I don't really like crowds. So, I tend to get there early, see everything, mingle a bit and shop while the sweets haven't melted yet. :)
At about 9:00 in the morning - I was there.

Taking pictures of candies is easier in the morning; not many hads to bother me while I'm picking what to buy (I mean: what to take the snapshot of)  :)

Among other thing, I got this little pony.. for my mom 
It's not edible.

Like the pony in the picture above, these are also not edible. They are out ethnic decorations. Made out of pastry, then dried and painted. They are called "licidarsko srce" in our language (the "sweet heart" - a rought translation). They come in all sizes, and some of them have little mirrors. Back in the day, boys used to get this for the their beau. When faced with the one they like, they would present them with the heart and say some little line, like "Take a look at who I love" - she would look at the heart, and see herself in the mirror. Quite sweet, right? :)
Ermm - I haven't got one.. yet.

Stuffed heart - I'm sure you've seen these
They say "I love you", "From my heart to yours", "Only you"
and: "best friend", "best sister".... and so on.

About my day.
Once I was done with mingling in the Fair, I went home. Haven't moved much far, since I stumbled upon one of our council members, and he looked rather (I'd say "tired", and we'll keep it at that). I took him under arm, stalled with him to the main building and rang the bell for our janitor to open. We went in, had some super-strong coffee; I even gave him a sandwich (sandwiches seem to appear every time I need them). Once he felt better, I escorted him out.
Then the new group came in. They found our I was indoors, and they came in to say hello. More coffee. More chat. When we parted, it was about lunch time; fortunately, my folks understand that at some times, such strange things happen to me. :)

It's the evening that you want to know about.
Well, not much to say: I was working on the front gate of our main building, receiving guests and showing them their places. Most of the time I stood in place. But the position was good, so I could watch the entire spectacle.

 One of the bands. They are playing our ethnic music
(when I say "our" - it reffers to the northern region, where I live, hence: no trumpets here)
The small instrument on the left is tamburica
The lovelies sound it makes!

Next up: the ethnic-rock group
They sang ould songs, with the new tune - it was rather fun

 Later, one of our country's Big Name group came in. Van Gogh. They were placed in the office of the deputy mayor, and I was at their disposal for a while. I haven't took the photo with them, since there was a lot of fans who exausted them with snaps, selfies ect, and I did not want to bother them any further.

For the end: an oblgiatory picture 
(I beleve these modern folks call it "outfit of the day")
(haven't done my makup, but I did wore red lipstick) 
Pardon the drying laundry in the back..  :)

It was the day of fun, work, running around.. it was the day at the Fair.
I hope you got a bit of the atmoshpere - what I can not describe is the smell: barbecue, sweets, beer.. all mixed up in the air around us.

I wish you were here.

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  1. I seriously wish I was there, too! Your town's fair rocks!!! If one comes through town here (it hasn't so far this year, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will though, as I'm huge fan of fairs), it's mostly just rides and a few very standard fair foods (like cotton candy and hamburgers). Yours is so lively, diverse and fun - it makes me think of the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) that happens annually in August in Vancouver, which is a huge fair, home show, and series of live performances, the likes of which aren't seen anywhere else in this province (and in very few places across the whole country). I haven't been to it (the PNE) since I was a kid and miss it a lot. I doubt I'll be attending this year, so I'm going to write a post about it instead - which, after all, is the second best thing to being somewhere we want to be for us bloggers. :)

    Big hugs & happy weekend (and birthday!!!) wishes!
    ♥ Jessica