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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Good day.

I have for you a wonderful issue, full of bloom and new designs. This issues remained whole, so I'll be splitting it in two segments.

This morning, I woke up to see that it has rained last night. It is good? Well, for me it is, the temperature dropped, and I can breathe againg, however it's now harvest season for the wheat; and this sudden drop of temperature will cause moist to go back ožinto seeds, so the humidity will rise and it'll requre artificial drying. Has this made any sense to anyone? :)
I won't bother you more, it's Wednesday - and it's Burda time!

Let's head back to March 1955.

In this issue we have seen the slow changes that will eventualy lead to sleek forms and tight-fitting skirts. Also, we have been shown the check-board dresses (adorable ones!), new ways of wearing your shirts and some new cleavage cuts.
I hope this has inspired you, my friends.

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