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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hey there!

The weather got a bit cooler these last few days, and I can breathe better (you all know summer is great, but there are some of us who can't handle the warmth well - unless there's a seaside near) :)

Today, we're heading to 1955, and I have for you just a few images from Burda magazine. Sadly, these are the only ones that survived the test of time.

Take a look:

What I can tell you:
you'll be seeing a lot of gray and blue here.

In this first image, we can notice that the collar has morphed into something much more geometrical, and there are no pointy ends to it; but it's rectangular - giving it's owner the softer look.

It's the sleek and slender time!
Elongating stripes in delicate shades of gray.

The spring in new cut dresses.

Gray dress has an interesting detailing, with the parts going across one another, and being buttoned down to the black belt, that cuts the dress in half, and igves the figure more form. adding something green, surely breaks the potential dullnes of gray.
The Blue dress looks like a master-piece of cutting material, but I'm sure once you take a closer look at it's pattern - it's quite managable. Again, it's cut in half by the adorning belt.

It's a true "half". Nowadays, the belt comes at lady's hips, and that is not the middle, therefore it gives the body disformity and creates an unnatural look.

Morethe amazing representations of what's "new" in 1955.
High collar, rectangular collar, lifted collar...
..and a lovely shade of green.

Kaiser Borax (still existing!) is a mild wash creme.

Youthful fashion
I stood mesmerized and looked at the red dress. 
Such a simple form, such lovely details...

In 1955 you can't go wrong with blue.
..even Marianne and Stupsie are sporting it.

I think this is the loveliest of blue.
The suit is quite moredn, I bet if we wore it today, no one could say
it's an "old-stuff"; since it looks so refreshing.

I hope these efw bright images were enough to lighten your day!


  1. Why, hello there gloriously love selection of Burda images, aren't you just the fun pick-me-up I needed in the midst of a busy afternoon. These frocks are me to a tee! Especially blue one in the third to last image (with the big white collar). It's subtle nautical vibe would make me want to do a shoot in it near the sea, or at least a lake or river!

    I didn't get a chance before we headed out, but I wanted to let you know pronto that you latest (I believe) letter arrived shortly before we left. It was wonderful to receive and I very much look forward to replying this summer. Thank you very much, my sweet, lovely pen pal.

    Oodles of hugs & happy (almost) summer wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hello there!
      Strangely, these February images ring more "summer" to me that "spring". There's something about wearing blue that instantly reminds me of sailor clothes (who here hasn't had it one time or another, in their lives?).
      I so glad you've gotten my letter, I was starting to worry about the efficiency of the Post; but now I can relax, and wait for your reply.

      Many hugs!