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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hello there, my friends!

Welcome to 1955.We are in the middle of the decade filled with glamour and ellegance. We'll continue to enjoy ourselves, and to get inspired.

There's not many "leopard" moments I'll accept,
but this white suit with the hint of leopard.

Gorgeous red dress for the January.

Forms of the coats have changed dramatically in 5 years: 
from tight to wide one with the large buttons.

A sporty schick ensemble.

To change yourself in "no time" you just need to be a bit
engenious - add details in various colours, and one simple dress
turns to five lovely ones.

"The working woman needs work clothes that she can change
with no effort"

Timeless pieces, don't you think?

"We are already giving you the spring's first"
..and I dare say: spring of 1955 will be lovely.

"Fullfilling the dreams of the seventeen"

Absolutely loely faces - I know tey are drawings, but 
they are so lovely

"Too large, or too small bust - 
these modells conseal both"

For your skiing and after it.

...and the carnival has arrived!

Dashing colors, friendly outfits..
nothing too revelaing, just fun.

Look at the kids, I can not make the decission:
I like the mouse, but I also like the flower-child. :)

All the clothing a child needs.

This is true, you know.
No child need as much clothes as they have nowadays. Clothes have to be functional. appropriate, clean and without a tear. Those were the rules of my time. And there was no need for having 15 shirts with a picture of a cartoon character, since you couldn0t wear them all at once, right?

If you are up for a challenge, you can start up
on one of these projects.

I don't know about your culture...

Just like in this picture above, we have always had the walt-to-wall carpets. Also, I've seen a lot of surprised faces when I mention that our people has a strict policy on "shoes off indoors". I keep mentioning: if my guests are worried, there's no need, we keep our carpets meticulously clean. 
On the other hand, when people ask us can they stay with their shoes on, we show them the carpet: bringing mud, dirt (and something you just might have stepped in) inside my home, where I sleep - not to be a Grudge, but .. do take your shoes off, please.

Here's something interesting:
Desing ides for a room.

"You're in a sneeky mood"
Spalt tablets - for menstral pain.

Knitting page, more designs for your leisure time.

Knitted suit "for your newborn"

On this page, and the following one,
you can see how to mend a pattern.

"Without sun reservs in the winter"
No problem - use the UV lamp.

Oh, dear.. lady in red - nothing I've seen in my life - a bit scary, no?

Moka-cake and ham wrapped in pastry..
This rings "holiday" :)

Ending this issue with a plain red shirt-and-sweater ensemble.

Have a great day.


  1. Fabulous inspiration once again! I've missed you doll during my blog hiatus and I can't wait to catch up on all of your lovely posts!

    Hugs Annie

    1. Hey Annie!
      It's always great to "see" you here. Do catch up - and no worries, I too am struggling to juggle the work, the garden, this dreadful heat and my blog..