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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hello there!

This post is almost late (since I'm used to posting it in the morning), but as folks here like to say it "Better late than never". :)
Need I say that this has been a busy week for me: summer is getting closer, and with it some of our town's activities, that involve me and my time; so there's a lot less time for everything other than job (this dear blog included). Never fear, I do manage... there is NO WAY for me to miss out posting a Burda magazine over here. Because, it is like a dosage of medicine, isn't it?

This Burda Wednesday of ours is good to look at, it doesn't force you to do much thinking and it relaxes your senses - all in the cheapest (and healthiest) possible way, my dear friends. You don't even need to consult your doctor for this one.

This is a continuation of December 1954.
Let's go!

The suit on the right: absolutely breathtaking!

I apologize for the lack of comments under pictures; I haven't got the time to do the translation (mea culpa!); but I hope the images themselves were good enough for your mind's rest.

Have a great week my dear friends!
(no, I haven't forgotten to write about my road trip)


  1. thanks for sharing. i always enjoy looking at old fashion magazines ...

    1. I'm always joyful for having you here, dear!