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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Art-Filled Park Avenue Apartment - a tour

Hey there.

I haven't been accused of being too "girly", but I have noticed that this blog has turned a bit female-friendly. So, every once in a while I find a great article on Architectural Digest to share with you all.

The Big House is anything but misnamed: Sequestered on seven acres behind a distinctive scalloped picket fence and holding down a full corner of the village’s main street, it boasts something on the order of thirty rooms. The main block of the house was built in 1777 as a tavern and comprises what is now the entrance hall, living room, library and a passel of guest bedrooms; a big dining room was added in 1885 and a kitchen-and-servants’ wing in 1928.

A Biedermeier mahogany table, from Karl Kemp & Assoc., dominates the renovated gallery; 
atop it rests a circa 1950 ceramic vase from France. 
On the living room wall hangs a 1987 oil painting, Artica by Luigi Campanelli.
 Art Déco bench from Lorin Marsh

The special-edition Steinway was a 12th-birthday gift to the client from her parents. 
Nutturna by Luigi Campanelli hangs at left. Bernd Goeckler Antiques low table. 
Brunschwig & Fils drapery fabric. 
Clarence House beige fabric.

The door was moved to the gallery wall, thereby more clearly defining the adjoining rooms. 
Donghia chair fabric and wallcovering. Patterson, Flynn & Martin carpet.

A serene and well-lighted master bedroom was what our client requested. 

Musical Still Life, above, and an untitled oil, both from 1986, are by Joel Greene. 
The bed was custom-made by Michael Rosenberg & Associates. 
Austrian Biedermeier table, circa 1830, from Bernd Goeckler Antiques. 
Patterson, Flynn & Martin carpet.

Don't you think that this home had a special sort of poise to it?

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