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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Advices on love, old but not outdated!

Hello there!

I was looking around for a new set of love stories (come on, we all know how much we all appreciate Sunday morning and our weekly reads on love), and I have came across an interestig segment. 

Advices on love?!
Well, yes, indeed.

Advice columns are inexpensive to produce and engage reader interest, and have therefore been staples of the newspaper business for almost as long as there has been a newspaper business. 
Early examples appeared in print in the 1700s, and offered comfort and suggestions to readers, primarily women, facing romantic difficulties. As the circulation of newspapers grew in the 19th century, and as an emerging middle class was increasingly interested in reading human interest stories, these columns proliferated.
Modern advice columnists have expanded the original model, which dealt mostly with questions of romance and manners, and began to address the theme of sexuality as well.

In case any of you ever feel the need to ask for help, I don't dare to reccomend myself, but I  have found the strongest column out there - "Dear Abby". Click on the link, and ask away. (I am not prying, am I?) There's no shame in asking questions. Or, as my grandpa used to say:
He who asks - does not get lost.
Have you ever dared to give out advices on romance and love? 


  1. Yes on both counts, but usually only to and from those I trusted dearly at the time. Matters of the heart are not simple affairs generally speaking and one never knows when their words will have a butterfly effect and end up changing the course of someone's life (or in the case of love, two peoples' lives) forever.

    I really enjoyed the practical, wise advice doled out by Miss Lonely Hearts here, in particular her advice to the young lady who was worried about two of her past beaus attending her wedding. I think that we need more of this down-to-earth, no nonsense relationship advice in today's 21st century world where reality shows, tabloids, six figure weddings, and other over-the-top and sometimes even unhealthy things have come to be seen as the norm regarding love.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Matters of the heart are tricky, indeed.
      I have gotten many, many advice, and even accepted one or two. Lastly, my elderly colleagues have an idea that everything they have to say is a great advice - without realizing how close & personal the advice f the heart should be.