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Saturday, 28 June 2014

A house is a home: "Barcelona, such a beautiful horizon!"


Saturday morning - great weather, large sky above me.. and it's the perfect setting to daydream about a house. And I have a perfect house for this summer day. Allow me to open you the doors of:


The Barcelona has several appealing characteristics including the corner fireplace and round brick hearth, stucco exterior, and plaster interior walls. The livingroom has windows on three sides which would ensure plenty of light.

The square footage is about 1000 with two nice bedrooms, both with light on two sides, and a kitchen with easy access to the basement and service entrance.  

Until next time.. dream on!


  1. That really is a cozy, charming mid-century home - and that price! Dear goodness, here in Canada at least, you couldn't even get a modest dinner for two people at most sit down restaurants any more of that. It's alarming, truly alarming, how costly housing has become and how fewer and fewer couples can afford to buy their own home any more, even with both have full time jobs. I often wonder, if it's like this now, how much worse will it be for future generations?

    I think we, as a society, need to revert back (at least in part) to smaller houses like this, with very reasonable mortgages and realize again that you don't need a huge, cookie cutter McMansion to be happy, have a roof over your head, and not be up to your eyeballs in debt for the sake of one's abode.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Once again, I think you have hit the spot.
      A small, cozy living ground - that is what we trully need. IT's what we "want" that creates all the troubles.