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Friday, 30 May 2014

Want more friends? Music is the answer.


I love music.
It's such a big part of our lives that we can't imagine the world without it. But, it is so much more - and it was so much more in the past.
Imagine not being able to enjoy your favorite "mood lifting" tune at the flick of the switch, or a tap on the screen of your device. Imagine a time when you could not get any song any time you like it. A time when you had to save money to get one record with one set of music; and the record was quite expensive.
Imagine a time where you had to be able to produce music in order to have music in your home. As I've said it, music is a great thing - and it's a prowerful tool for attracting people around you. It gathers people who share similar tastes, it makes us smile or dance.. it brings us together..

No wonder there were quite an interesting ads out there, about music, about friendship.
Take a look

Now, I can't play an instrument. I'm not that talented. Back in the day, would that make me less popular and harder to get people around me?
Can you play an instrument?

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