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Thursday, 22 May 2014

My lips are sealed... but I must tell about the lipstick.


Another accidental find has made me smile. I was reading some lovely love stories for your (and mine!) Sunday post, when I found true little gem.

I have never mentioned my strong dislike toward "inspired by" makeup tutorials, have I? The truth is, with so many "inspired by", you lose the sight of what a true makeup looked like in the days gone by. To find a page like this one; a true vintage magazine page; and to be able to see what the ladies of the day truly looked up when they wanted to cover/enhance something.. feels rather good.
There are many, many girls out there who mimic vintage "in their own way". I am, for one, not interested in mimicking, since this little blog of mine is a place where I gather (and show) history; not "my own version" of it. (not that there's anything wrong with being inspired!) But, with this blogoshpere of our so saturated by imitations, I fear that one will ache too much while fishing for the "true" vintage look.
I'm glad I've found this page.
Someone might find it funny, comical and an act of amateurism - however this is IT, the original. This is "the" advice the girls saw in their favorite magazine.

What are your opinions on "inspired by"?
Do you find it hard(er) to find the true look?


  1. Both are wonderful. It's not an all or nothing situation for me. I learned my vintage make-up techniques from magazines, studying old photos and movies, and talking to women who were alive and wearing make-up back in the day and do consider my "face" more traditional vintage than inspired by, but I use modern products to achieve those looks, as we all do, which in and of itself makes getting a truly genuine vintage look impossible because we're not using the same products from the same years that our foremothers were. We can certainly come close though with their modern counterparts and that's a fabulous thing for those of us who like our makeup to be far more vintage than rockabilly, pinup, or any other bold (often more modern) style.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. That is entirely true.
      It is impossible to find true vintage makeup today. And I do mean "impossible", because I don't think it's medically safe to use a cosmetic product that is over 50 years old. Therefore, we must opt for a new version, that appears like the original one. The closer we can get to the "true colours". :D
      I suppose your term wrapped it all up, when you say "vintage appropriate". I nod with understanding.