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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Love story:

Hello there, my Sunday friends!

I hope you resting and enjoying your weekend. I had a great day yesterday; up until 5 PM, when ice storm started. Fortunately, that was exactly 5 minutes after my brother and I arrived back from our regular cycling recreation - I still can't believe we were that fortunate.
The weather is now much worse. It hasn't stopped raining ever since I woken up, even for a moment. I can do so little.. but stare outside, into my garden, hoping that there will be minimum damage to our freshly planted tomatoes, that snails and slugs won't have a feast and that pumpkin seeds won't rot in ground from all the moist.

In order to divert my thoughts, I have in front of me another one of our dear Heart Throbs magazine's love stories. So, let's get into a story of a woman trying to "mold" a man - a story as old as history and prone to failing. Take a look:

Women coming to a man's home, starts sobbing and then tells him to leave her alone. Mind me for writing this, but: where should he go in order to leave her alone.. it's his apartment. :)
That aside, there is something in a man wearing flannel shirt. And this story is short, sweet and exactly what I like on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends!

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