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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Love story: Unwanted love.

Hello there!

My week was quite busy, and that's why I haven't posted much. This is my last day off work. Spinning between garden and being called back to office every couple of hours every day.. took a toll on my other areas of life. There's a good thing about living in the countryside: the amazing amount of space under the sky that I get to call my own, and that (as of Friday) has much, much more tomato plans around. On the bad side, working in the same small town that you live in makes you easily reachable and you can "hop by" to work in five minutes (taking that you have a vehicle).

Indeed I will. And I hope so will you, with a lovely love story. It's yet another nearly heartbreak, and, as we all love reading, heartbreak turns around and gives us the greatness of a happy ending.
Take a look: 

As I've promised: both of them are gracing us with their smiles.. oh, and there's a great last shot, not so often do we see wedding dresses on Heart Throbs magazine's pages. But, today we were fortunate. I must say I like the dress (an envy her hip-size a bit). 


I think weather is getting better, slowly. We are expecting one more cold wave, followed by rain and possibly even some ice-storms (I don't mind rain, but the ice is devastating to all of our tender little plants; especially the freshly planted tomatoes, and newly developed hosta leaves..). Once this weeks perils leave us, I believe it's a straight road to Summer. We'll see.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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