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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Love Story: So this is love

Hey there!

This Sunday I have made a decision to post a story from a different magazine. No worries, it's still a love story. The year is 1951, and we are looking at "Dear Lonely Heart" magazine.
(and to all those out there who giggle and mock this habit of ours: life if better with a dose a love on a Sunday morning).

Today's story starst off quite dramaticly, with our leading lady tied up to a chair... but don't let me tell you all, take a look by yourself:

I hope you have a great rest, and enter your week with the energy for everything that needs to be done.



  1. All of the ladies fashions are slaying me. Swoon!!! :) If I had a repro company of my own (oh, how I wish!!!) I would be mightily tempted to reproduce as many of them as possible (ditto with those from many of the other comics you've shared with us). Could you imagine any of the female characters in today's comics or cartoons looking 1/50th that stylishly glamorous?

    Have a beautiful Sunday, my dear friend!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I can't imagine today's heroines in anything remotely elegant - they are wearing leather.. or trying to get into wearing leather. :) Unlike women in today's comics, the authors of the days gone by have tried to make their ladies lovely, natural and sweet in order to raise the selling - and they did.
      Apparently, ladies were buying comics more then men back in the 1950's, due to "romance".