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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

BURDA Wednesday


It's sunny today - so far. We have had some afternoon showers lately, and they made me change my gardening plans; once I come back from work, it starts pouring, and there's a little bit of frustration there, but I hope that today I'll have good weather and be able to continue my plans.
If all fails, I'll curl up in my room and read some articles on our favorite old days, old stars, old houses, 
As for the mood, I have a great cure - Burda magazine in all it's December glory. We are looking at the last issue for 1954, and there are some great inspirations to be found.. now, why do I bother you, you can simply browse these lovlies yourself and I'm sure your mood will improve.

Elaborate party dress

Marianne, witout doubt, has marked this year's issues
with her gracious Schlager-models.

If you are looking for something fresh and different...

...these "large collar" dresses are perfect choice.

"The slim models"

These tight-fitting models are perfect to 
accentuate your figure.

"Drapes the body and emphasizes elegance"

Party dresses.

These pieces are timeles.

This is a "how to camouflage the old"
and make it look fresh and playful.

"Ornamental and warm" 
These are the ideas on making your clothes look new 
(and, it just might be quite an old and worn one before it)

You see, I have a thing for old things. Or, should I say: I haven't got the heart to throw away what, in my mind, can be salvaged and saved by some remodeling. If I can make it usable - I will. And, the issue is only related to clothing, I can't give up almost anything. And, once I do decide it's a "throw away" time -- it's really became useless.

"All desires seam to be Muson Lavender"

If you are not a dress-person;
you might opt for adoralbe shirt - and you can chose one of these.

"Le rouge baiser" - meaning: red kiss
A classic French makeup brand 
(it's amazingly shown over here)

"Father, brother, son or grandfather - all were thought of"

Dress your gents in their best.

This is the first part of this celebrational issue of Burda - and I can tell you one thing: while making this post presentable, it has lifted my spirits enormously. I hope it works for you as well.


  1. No way? Is it really Wednesday already again? Yikes! But also, yay! Burda time. My sweet treat of the week on the blogging front. I wait for these posts in a way that feels akin to waiting for that one rare day a week when you allow yourself to go get a big piece of your favourite dessert from the place in town that makes it better than the rest. It's sweet to the point of decadent and you want to savour it for as long as possible.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. thanks for sharing. i always love to to through ols fashion magazines. it's so inspiring.

  3. Wow Love this post !
    In fact how Well described for all the items ... I couldnt Choose as They all have something great :)