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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

BURDA Wednesday


Are you ready to see some adorable Autumn Brides? I hope you are, because we are about to enter into the pages of our favorite Burda magazine, and take a closer look at some amazing outfit inspiration... who knows, maybe one of you is a birde-to-be and just mayre you find your "it" dress in here....

Who said turban can not look dashing?!
I bet this outfit would make you shine at any event!

Simple, clean-cut, great fit
This type of dresses are all-day wear.
(note the amazing mustard colour of the chair!)

Wedding galore stars!
Any of these is a darling, and they would all look great on the 
guest. bridesmaid.. and why not - in white, the Bride herself.

"Festive evening" indeed
Simply cut blue dress, with the adition of these white strings - adorable result

"We are dressing to a..."

" we're invited to"
Are you soon to be a gueast at an elegant wedding?
Here are some great cocktail dresses!

"For the theaters..."

"..and concerts"

I have promissed myself over and over that I'll emerge into the these sort of activities much more than I do. My excuses are trivial: work hours, I get tired after y heptic day, it takes too long to get out of garden and get cleaned up, it's taking time away from my recreational activities.. and my favorite one: there's no one to go with. Have you got some excuses to add to this list?

"The wedding day..."

" not far away"
Bottonm right - both conservative and elegant, for the bride who
fails to find herself wearing the "siren" dress or the low cleavlage dress..

Winter suit and a warm pulli, to keep you looking 
stylish, yet warm on the cold day in the office.

I like the combination in the bottom left: pulli and glowes.

I have a red tightly knitted pulli like that ("pulli" being, as you obviously got by now, a sweater or any knitter wear). It's my go-to summer wear. so bright, it made some people ask me where have I found something so bright. What can I say: in the closet of a friend's mom.

As the lines say it in the next page, these are:
"for our everyday wear"
Every single one of these outfits is perfectly suitable for every day,
since they are (I dare put it like this) ergonomic.

"Cherry-red lips are youthful and reflect natural beauty.
Three new cherry-red rouge colours are bright and fresh.
Le rouge baiser - unmathced, adherent, glorified and bright"

I'd buy them all. They are, as the images show: for the day, evening and night (the night one is small due to the fact that it's made for the small evening bag).

"Our last year's winter coat has become unsightly, 
we tailor a jacket from it"

Great idea, surely used by many - it saves so much money,
and you get to have a new (old) jacket.

We need them (well, I do)
so why not having them more than just a plain kithchen-wear?

These aprons are so elaborate, no one would mind seing you in one of them.
For all of us out there who tend to run out of kitchen
and forget to take the apron off.

Lat one for this part:
"For hours of relaxation"

We will continue this issue next Wednesday .. I hope you're looking forward to it.
This magazine, and making it presentable to you, have made my day less of a rainy one. The glamourous pages covering brides and guests (more to come in the next part) truly help fight this miserable day we're having (with rain and low temperatures it reminds me more of late autumn - much like on these pages, than the blossoming spring we're supposed to be in).

Have a wonderful day, my dear friends!


  1. Goodness, how I needed the eye pleasing, uplifting lovelines of this post right now. I've been a rather big mix of emotions over the past few days since the shop opened and my nerves are somewhat frayed, so I'm not in the biggest mood for anything heavy or too labour intensive to read at the moment. Enter my (and yours) beloved Burda Wednesday. Always exactly what the proverbial doctor ordered. Thank you, darling friend!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Well said, Jessica.
      I find this images utterly theurapetical. They don't force you to read anything, or to think much - they are there to be lovely and to inspire.
      I do hope your shop is doing well, dear.