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Friday, 18 April 2014

Two more days... Are you an Easter-prepper?

Hello there.

Have you noticed how time flies? Easter is literally just few days away; and it's high time we start some serious prepping for it. This year, both of my Easter(s) fall on the same day - need I say how relieving it is, since we can all prep together, and enjoy it.

For me; preparations start today; with the making of the first batch of cookies and cakes. And, another thing is to be made; one that makes this holiday more fun that Christmas - flower decorations. 
Usually, in our country, we like  to make little "nests" for the Bunny to come to and leave his present for the child. The "nest" is made by weaving the herbs into a nest-shape and then giving it a "carpet" of grass the night before Easter. The grass is to be "taken" by the Bunny - he'll nibble on the grass you offer him and in return he'll leave a present to you. And, I have much more certainty in Bunny arriving to the "nest" left outside; in our garden, because that's what real bunnies do.

Inside the house (besides the definite fun that is colouring of the eggs), we love preparing the special decorations. And, today, I'm sharing some of the vintage ideas with you.

This 1934 newspaper article shows how to decorate tin cans with crepe paper flowers for an elegant table decoration:

Not only do I give you a "how to" on table decorating, I'm also sharing with you a fine art ofcrepe paper flowers that will surely impress anyone. 
These patterns include directions to make quite realistic flowers including Chrysanthemums, Wistaria, Calla Lilies, Hyacinth and Roses, to name a few. Take a look:

It does not matter if you're planning an enormous gathering of all friends and family, or if Easter is a small family-oriented event; I'm sure these would make any table amazing.
How are your preparations going on?


  1. Those illustrations have a real note of elegance and enchanting beauty to them, don't they? My first thought was how resplendent they might look printed on fabric and whipped into a springtime frock (perhaps in shades of blue and cream or brown and cream).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh, ideas keep coming up.
      Making such, dry flowers will not only enrich the space, but would also last longer, no?