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Sunday, 20 April 2014


Hello there!

This week , I'll skip our love story (no, no, don't you worry, I'm not canceling it). It's the greatest of all the holidays, that's why.

Easter Week by Charles Kingsley

See the land, her Easter keeping,
Rises as her Maker rose.
Seeds, so long in darkness sleeping,
Burst at last from winter snows.
Earth with heaven above rejoices;
Fields and gardens hail the spring;
Shaughs and woodlands ring with voices,
While the wild birds build and sing.

You, to whom your Maker granted
Powers to those sweet birds unknown,
Use the craft by God implanted;
Use the reason not your own.
Here, while heaven and earth rejoices,
Each his Easter tribute bring-
Work of fingers, chant of voices,
Like the birds who build and sing.

I must inform you that you are reading a text written by this year's All Round Family Egg-cracking winner. This is my year; I got up early, I took a good look and made an inspection of the eggs (the fact that I've boiled them helped - I knew which ones were cooked the longest, and therefore were the hardest). I prepared myself mentally, and that lead to this victory. 
Naturally, I have to thank my family for giving me their smiles, and not being sore losers. Anyways, there's always next year for them, right?

Happy, happy Easter, my dear friends!

I dislike using strong chemicals when I colour my eggs. I prefer more natural modes of making the eggs both elegant and highly decorative: Onion skins.
It starts with me roaming up and down our garden (my apologies for not writing you more on that, I surely will continue that series). When I'm certain I've gathered enough gorgeously decorative leaves I get one of the old stockings - it comes in handy to keep some number of those unwearable-due-to-a-run stockings (not only do they help this project goes smooth, but they are also an amazing filter).

You take a raw egg, place a desired leaf on it and put it into a peace of stocking. You stretch the stocking (carefully, not to break the egg) and tie it down with a sewing thread.
Place onion skins into a large bowl (roughly explained: more you put, stronger the color will turn out), and put your eggs in there as well. Pour cold water over the eggs and put it onto your stove (or whatever kitchen heating device you have got). When water boils turn the heat down and cook for another 3 to 5 minutes. 
Note: If you want to compete with these eggs (in the above mentioned Egg-shattering family deal) you should take all the eggs out, except the one you're going to compete with (that you have marked) and boil that one for few more minutes. Don't tell anyone you've done it, or they'll accuse you of cheating. :)

Have a wonderful day, eat a lot of cakes.. and tell me all about it!


  1. What tremendously pretty Easter eggs! I love that they seem both rooted in nature and highly artistic (not the the two need be mutually exclusive worlds of course by any means) at the same time. This was a beautiful post and ode to spring's grandest and most important holiday.

    Tons of hugs & festive wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your cheerfully charming, super cute Easter card - it got here just in the nick of time, as I hope mine did to you as well (and if not, that it will reach you soon).

    *PSS* This past week, on the 15th if memory serves me right (mailed out the next morning), I rewrote the "missing letter" and am keeping my fingers crossed to no end that it reaches you safe and sound.

    1. So, you've got my flower(y) card? I'm glad.. that means the Post works fine. :) I'm surely going to be on the lookout for both your card and your letter.
      Thank you for your lovely comment on the eggs. They are, to my honest belief, good and healthy.. and, as you have noticed, they are so decorative and fun to make.