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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

BURDA Wednesday


This Wednesday I have for you a jolly autumn edition of our dear BURDA magazine. So, allow me to lead you back into October of 1954.

You are about to see some mighty inspiring ladies at their best. And I, for one, am quite excited to share this one with you, because it's one of my top-ten editions.

Let's begin.

Beginning with red.
Combining red, power outfit with white gloves, scarf and earring 
is giving this suit even more impact.

NEW! Decaffeinated Nescafe.. here it is,
a revolution in coffee drinking.

Have you thought we'd forget about them? No, here are
Marianne and Stupsie in special model for October.. red, again
(I have told you, I rather like this issue)

Elegant and classy. 
Dresses are amazing, but take a look at the details on the suit in the right corner:
the subtle lace and you're changed into a stylish lady.

Is this the first time we see bangles here?
I'm guessing they are made from Bakelite.

These are "autumnal street wear"
meaning: these are the latest trends
in coats... and hats.

Now, we are well into a "no waist" time of coat history,
and it's not really my first choice, 
but these do look appealing.

One word: "stripes".

Stripes are the "thing" to have this season:
horizontal, vertical... angled.. just as long as you're stripped.

"Joyous as themselves - this is the fashion the young ladies want"

Bows - but, beware of the on in the middle:
it's positioned on your hip, so it's to be worn only by truly slender ones..
or it will do more harm than good.

Fur (there's no need to make it a real fur, ladies) - just
even dash of fake wild spirit will do.

Dress materials explained.

This image, and the next one
are showing us how to look best at home.

Why not - gents can look dashing in their house-attire, too.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall"
(pardon me, I had to) :)

Magnificent night-wear.

Botton left - it's the sewing machine needles,
and I believe that I have those somewhere.
Grandma bought them long time ago.

Little beauty secrets, shared by all:

I swear by cold cream. It's been almost a year since I've stopped using soap for my face, and (to knock on wood) my face has remained clean and acne-free. There are no dry-patches and no unwanted redness. And all that by the usage of good old, cheap, cold cream.

I hope you're having a great mid-week.
...and in case you're celebrating May 1st as International Worker's Day: may you have a splendid weather, great barbecue and lot of fun on your day off!

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