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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hello there.

I would like to own a device that will give me the ability to show you this mervelous morning we are having here today. It's bright, the sky is clear, the air is fresh and is infused with the aroma of all the flowers in their bloom. On a day like this, I truly feel happy to be here.
Another great thing on a day like this: Burda magazine. Again, you wil be given a damaged issue. But (again) I will make it up to you with a magazine article with a similar thematic.. fashion, naturally! :)

Are you ready for September 1954?
(yes, I know, we missed out on Augus - it's gone and I'm sorry)

Now, I'm first to say "no" to brown, but then so cleverly combined,
this looks great.
Perfect way to refresh your autumn look 
(or, in case you're still struggling with chilly spreing mornings - this would do)

Even when I lose more that 3/4 of the issue,
I still manage to provide you with Marianne and Stupsie's best. 
I'm seeing a new fashion here, do you:
bright colored and matching hat and gloves - utterly lovley

 "Chose your favorite dress for the new season"

Practical coats.
Far more that simply practical, if you're asking me.

"For many occasions"
Indeed. I see these worn in the office, truly I do.

"The sophisticated lady chooses Frajana"

Models are divine, and the background
is enhancing their beuty and the general feeling when I look at the image

"The beautiful dress"

This is it for our Burda magazine for this week. Now, ? have found this lovely article on fashion; and feel fre to open the images in another tab, so you can read them in the larger view.

I hope you've enjoyed it.
And, I hope I managed to send you out a dash of my lovely weather.


  1. Your enthusiam for the loveliness that Mother Nature is sending your way today certainly shines through the screen and helped perk up this very busy, and very (!) rainy Wednesday for me, sweet dear, as did this week's marvelous round of Burda photos. One thing, aside from the fabulous fifties fashions, that jumps out at me about some of the models here is there eyebrows. They're fuller and thicker then we often see on faces in the mid and later part of the decade. Almost Joan Crawford-ish, I'd say.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your fantastic comment on this month's vintage honeymoon post. I was be honoured to no end to help you plan your most-matrimonial getaway, whenever it occurs, in any way I could be of assistance, honey.

    1. You are most welcome, Jessica.
      That was my way of telling you that I appreciate your astonishing ability to plan everything to the slightest detail. You know, you could easily run an even-planning agency.

      How unfortunate to hear that you had rain yesterday; but don't worry - it's pouring over here as I write this... that's spring to you..
      I'd say I haven't payed much attention the the brows. Now that I've read this, I went back to the images - you are right, they are much fuller. Well, that's another interesting thing to see..

      Have a great day.