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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Victory Garden series: meet The Gang

Hey.. hello there.

It's dark outside, the sun has set. I have spent an amazing day outdoors, in my little garden, with my friends. But, before you meet them, I have promised to show it to you, as soon as it blooms. And it bloomed today.

No wonder they gave her the name: Imperial Crown.

OK, where have we stopped last time? Yes, HERE.
We have learned how to set up the hot bed, and get the earliest crop (not to mention that the hot bed helps keep the pest and wild life away from your precious veggies).
Today, we are Planting Outdoors (the "real deal" of your gardening year)

We'll stop here.
Not just because I don't want you to get too exhausted, but also because there's some folks I would like you to meet. "The Gang". 


Here they are:

Dear fiends - my Gang.
My Gang - these are my online friends.

One member has already been introduced in the previous part. Her comrade is Tiger, and he is an expert in doing absolutely nothing. There's none better than him. If you ever want nothing done - this is the cat to call. (Just make sure you give him his granulated treats).
Now, about the Gnomes..
(This comes to you from an expert): they do become alive at night. And they are the reason why at some nights you hear a strange, explainable tune in the air, that just might seem to sound like music. When having Gnomes - one must give them a garden wort admiring. And once the garden is to their liking.. they will celebrate it, and rejoice in the dead of night.

I hope I have given you to proper introduction. Or, at least, a proper laugh.
Until the next chapter in this series - keep on gardening. for Victory!

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