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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Victory garden series - let's start digging!


Welcome to March! :)

Recently, I was chatting with couple of my online friends, and I realized they (and I suppose many more) got the impression that I am what you call an "office lady". I am. That is true. However, people are also under the impression that my life is mainly made out of 8 hours in the office, and the rest of the day dedicated to reading vintage articles, looking at vintage magazines and.. doing makeup.
(I'm giggling now).
You should see me, as I am right now (away from the office): getting ready to put on my heavy hiking boots and my trusty old west; as I am about to get out and enjoy this amazingly warm February morning - in my garden.

There's a whole side of me that I am yet to let you see.. and, as spring is getting closer (I can smell it in the air) I'm about to let you know a bit about it. My garden, that is.

July 1999. - my lovely garden and me

How about I show you what we are still doing over here, because over here Victory Gardens never stopped existing. Every spring, we brave the weather, we take our tools and our seeds, and we march to our yards to wage yet another war against the seasons, the weeds and the pest... and we hope to came out of it victorious!
Just a dash of history, are you up for it?

Victory Gardens
Victory gardens emerged during World Wars I and II as a way to minimize demand on an overburdened public food system. Citizens were encouraged to grow their own fruits and vegetables, so that more of the foods coming out of factories could be shipped overseas to soldiers.

Right now, I'm an owner of a booklet on Victory Garden(ing); and I'm about to share it with you in a brand new, spring inspired all-hands-in series. Alongside every set of images from the booklet, I'll be chatting away about my own gardening endeavor.
I hope you'll join me.

THIS is the booklet; 
and our trusty guide.

We'll stop here. 
I suppose we have plenty of work cut out for us. Anyone having their Victory Garden (or any garden as a matter of fact), let me know. I'd love the read all about your progress.

Until next time: happy digging!

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