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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Victory Garden series: it blooms!


Saturday evening. No better time than now, for me to show you my precious blooms. I am not talking of the flowers this time. I'm thinking of something else. A fruit variety.

 An apple bud. This little, fragile thing, will turn into 
a succulent apple.

 Plum(ing) flowers.

 Their beauty matches any flower's.

 The scent.. I would like to have a way of sending it to you.
It's a sweet and tender perfume of Nature.

Elegantly positioned to attract the bees.. and me.

 I'm not much of a photographer, but this blooms are so photogenic

Look at it!
Is there anything that can be so magical and fragile at the same time?

Yes, madam!

Last time we have learned how to plant outdoors. We are now proceeding to the most important part in garden maintenance: water. 
After that, we'll be starting a new chapter: an introduction to all the plants that we can grow.

As of this moment on I'll take it that you have got your plots ready, you made your hot-beds, you have learned your lines of planting. It was all set here to prepare us, starting now we will be learning all about the cultivation of vegetables. 

Would you mind if we stop here?
No worries, I promise we'll get to watermelons in no time.
Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends, and Happy gardening!


  1. Not only does it bloom, but it's (they're all) stunning! My word, you have some seriously gorgeous blossoms in your garden and part of the world. I must say, lovely as the Okanagan is, in most areas we don't have an abundance of flowers like this (okay, save for the blossoms that grow on the fruit trees in the local orchards). That's much more the domain of the Lower Mainland/Vancouver area of the province, where rain is far more abundant.

    Tons of hugs & joyful Sunday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you.
      Your kind words mean a lot. This was taken in our little orchard, behind the house. And I must say, some days, when I got the time for it, I like to get in there and just stroll between the fruit trees. Gentle humming of the bees calms me down, and the scent is relaxing (taking that you are not allergic to bees and/or pollen.. like some members of my family).

      Have a wonderful Sunday, too.

  2. Those blooms are photogenic indeed! Gorgeous!! We're still at the point of identifying what all our trees actually are, but today was the first proper day we had in the garden this year, so 6 roses moved in preparation for a veg patch. Completely exhausted. Very interested in this series of posts, the old articles are very interesting! P x

    1. Indeed they shine to the camera.
      So, you are, too, into the "dirty" business, aren't you? To me, this it as much fun as it gets, and believe me when I say: this is the best part of the gardening year: in these few weeks you put it all in the ground and then, for the following months, you sit around waiting to see what comes out.


  3. So very lucky!! How I love Spring!!!! Our flowers and trees have yet to blossom. Though our tulips are starting to come up in the back yard. I'll be sure to document them!

    1. I'm glad you've liked it.
      Make sure to document every step of the way, you never know what good it may do, and how useful it might get.. not to mention: there's a lot of us out there longing to see other gardeners. :D