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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

BURDA Wednesday


Are you ready for yet another one of our amazing trip down the fashion and lifestyle history? We will be stepping back to 1954, and it's February. I'm assuring you: there will be some Spring-loving themes in these pictures.. I hope you are up for it.

Let's get going!

I like this dress; due to the way my body is built 
I'd have to remove the pockets.

Cleverly "squeezed in" - an advertisement for weight loss products
(just above this text)

Another great choice Marianne has made
(and Stupsi looks exceptionally fluffy)

"New fashion for the spring"
What say you ladies: yes?

The dress on the right is something new for me
it's form is added to by detailing in green.

"Sporty casual or classical elegance..."

"...what style would you chose?"

"Each model has..."

"'s own note"
In a way - dresses are like music, a way for ladies to 
express themselves.

"The gardening begins!"

Apparently, I'm not the only one thinking about
gardening at this time of year.

"So many beautiful blouses..."

"..which one will they wear?"

When it comes to wearing blouses, I have a soft spot for all of them. That didn't used to be like that all the time. While I was in high-school I have stopped wearing sweaters and blouses for a while. But, I have realised: synthetic material cause me to rash (and it was not a pretty sight). It's not only the rashes that made me go back to being a blouse-girl.
There's a note of elegance and un-doubtful femininity in blouses, that you can never get out of wearing any other piece of outfit (especially not those stretching shirts)

Prepare for the spring
and all it's moods.

This page, and the previous one are showing us
how to get weather-proof

I'm giving these beauties tree thumbs up

"First greeting in the spring"

The christening outfits!

Again: don't let the back be
the "mourning" colour - look at these
let them show you how to build from Black into Beauty

Kids being gorgeous.

Take a look at the background.
I don't know about you, but I'm recognizing my kindergarten in here,
with the colourful cubes, and little stuffed toys..

Amazing sky blue colour.

I need a bit of help here:
The lady in the upper right corner - who does she looks like?
(she reminds me of someone, but my brain refuses to let me recognize her)

Got rheum?
Here's a vintage cure for you.

"Being slim, no longer a problem"

Pond's - treating dry and damaged skin

Remember the times when smoking was
in all magazines, movies and everyone smoked?
These were those times.

Lingerie, asthma medications and more lingerie.

Chip perfume.
I wonder what was the fragrance of this one?

Beautiful models; gorgeous roses.

Knitting rainbow - a wonderful idea.

Fish recipes.

"Be good to your feet"
...and a hormonal treatment for your weight-control

This sings "Spring" to me.
Every day, I'm looking up the sky and waiting for a day to take out my table
and have an outdoor tea.

Until next time - have a great day.
We're getting so close to another one of our "female" holiday - and there will be another present for you; just wait for Saturday.

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