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Friday, 28 February 2014

Dress up ad live - by Tobe; article from April 1937.


Looking at Old Magazine Articles just pulls me in, it is a completely filled with magnificent articles, and I hope you don't mind me sharing them with you.
There is no better way to say our farewell to February.
(the images are large, so you can read them easily, but due to their size, I advise you to open them up in another tab, dearies)

DELINEATOR MAGAZINE insisted that they found the very first fashion stylist -some lass named Tobé (born Taubé Coller, a.k.a. Mrs Herbert Davis, 1890 - 1962). They were very insistent on the matter:
"This woman is the first official stylist...Now she is head of Tobé Incorporated, through which she does for more than a hundred stores in America and some in Canada, England, Australia, Norway and Sweden."

"Tobé isn't an oracle, she isn't a designer; she simply knows from experience, better than anyone else, what styles you are going to like best and what will be most useful to you. From the great fashion salons of Paris, from tailored England, from America, she culls the newest and best of the season's creations."

If nothing else, we should remember one thing: "It's time to get up and dress up"
I hope you'll welcome the forthcoming spring with a smile and I'll be seeing you in March, my dear friends.

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