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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hello there, friends!

We are well into 1950's with our journey of discovering fashion. Than again, in more than one occasion, we have seen much more than just fashion here (and I hope my little digressions don't bother you).

Today, we will be entering 1954.
Are you ready?

Lovely set aside, take a look at her hair:
this lady sports short and voluminous look.

Ponds advertisement,
and a intro words from Anne Burda (as will be later know as "editors welcoming")

Marianne and her puffy dog are
giving us a glimpse of new fashions
"Write to us about it; we want to know what you think"

"Easy transformation"

From morning work-wear to afternoon tea - in just a few steps.


"...sectional shape"
Nice new cuts make adorable new shapes.

"9 month cleverly disguised"
Maternity wear.

Effective change.
Adding and mixing two types of materials,
make any garment refreshed.

Accidents happen. You come back home from an evening out and find out a dreadful thing: there's a cigarette burn on your gorgeous dress. No problem. Use some of these clever ideas, to incorporate a different material, make a shapely "patch" and give your dress new life.

"Properly dressed...."



"...straightforward but smart"

"For the.."

"..everyday life"
These two skirts you see here are what my mom taught me to be
THE items you absolutely must own
and can wear all the time, every day.

Their shape is simple, so they cam be mixed with any other piece of clothing. If you chose the material (woollen ones are the ones I prefer) and the colour to be subtle, you can be a proud owner of only couple of skirts that'll never bring a shame on our appearance. In times of rationing (oh, they did still rationed even in 1954) this was the way for a women to stay elegant, look sharp..

Love playing checkers?
Love wearing checkers!

These two pages are all about wearing "diamond" dresses
and feeling lovely.

Kids at school.

Knitwear for the youngest members of the family.

On the right - a carnival 
On the left - bullet brassiere.

"Carnival delights"

On the right - knitting for newborns
Left side: unprofitable evil pranks.

New materials for your sewing project

In the upper left corner:
"the full grace of wearing nylons"

Tosca - Alpine village cosmetics
(it still exists

This page and the one following are

May I digress?

When I was small (truly small, under 6 years old), I had a pillow like one of these: with lacing on the edges. It was impossible to put me to sleep, unless I was hugging that pillow.. because I was overwhelmed with lacing, and had to have it near me at all times. Not much has changed in over 20 years; I still love lace more than anything. And: why not loving it?!
Lace is femininity at it's best.

Making the button holes with your sewing machine
(I'm all for that; it's making my life lot easier)

Another important hint:
creating the wrapped belt bucket, to match your dress.

Wiessengrund und Bargeshohn 
is the company making luxury porcelain pieces.

For instance. I have searched these items online, in order to see are they still awailabe, and how much would that pleasurable set cost us. A cup with saucer (like the one one the picture) is costing about 16 EUR per one set. The teapot is 52 EUR.
In order to own a set of teapot and 6 cups (with saucers); you be giving 148 EUR (and that would be: 122 pounds, or 203 US dollars).

Exclusive models never fail to amaze me.
Look at the one on the left:
it's so fashionable, with the gathered skirt on the left hip, 
but due to it's grey colour, it's perfectly fine and conservative
(the best of both worlds) 

Pond's add letting us know that they are with us even 
"during inclement weather"
..for everything else, there's your trusty knit wear.

Such a lovely yellow sweater, and 
new way of wearing the collar.

"Ha!" was the first thing on my mind,
once I've seen this recipes:
who here has made the "mushroom"? Me, me! 
(many times it made my dinner more fun)

On the bottom left:
"If they knew what I already know, the Heluan would be their
favourite brand"

Extra! Extra!
What is your 1954 Burda size?
(to get sizing in inches, divide the number by 2.54)

Oberweise (second one) - your chest
Tallenweite (third one) - your natural waist (not your stomach)
and Huftenweise (last one) is the circumference of your hips.

Also, let me inform you that this time there are directions for making all these lovely garments here presented (but, not the patterns). If you'd like (and have a "know how") to make some of them, let me know, and I'll send you the page with the explanations (alas, in German).
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. There are instances when timezones can be a bit of a pain in the neck and others when they're rather awesome, and in the case of me getting to see the next edition of Burda Wednesday while it's still Tuesday night here, the later is definitely out in full force. As always, the fashions here are so fantastic! I especially like the page with the leopard trimmed dress. It's very "me"! :)

    Big hugs & tons of happy Wednesday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. This world of ours is a particular thing, where you get to see my Wednesday on Tuesday night. As you have a time-machine.
      A time-machine would be a wonderful thing, to ship just a few dresses, a couple of sweaters.. all from the era we so much like.

      Many hugs