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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hey there!

It's a foggy Wednesday over here, the temperature is low (so far, but with promises of it rising up). To boost myself and brave the weather, I've chosen the bright colours for my daily wardrobe. 
Another thing might come in handy on a day like this: good set of vintage images from your favourite Burda magazine. We are heading back to 1953.. I hope you're ready for it.

Here we go:

Wonderfully shaped, with a dominating button in front.

"Beedle dee, dee dee dee.. two ladies"
Chestnut-themed page

"Chose these charming lady's dresses"

These are the top of the elegance
I suppose they are meant to be worn to a glamorous parties

Two ways of wearing this practical coat.

Not only dresses with their classic '50 design, but the shoes..
take a closer look at them:
they are designed to suit your lifestyle, to be wearable and durable.
(shoe on the "C" picture is amazing)

"Four female types..."

"..four typical models"

Looking great at any given time - day or night.

Look at these lovely pon-pons!

Ergonomic? Yes.
Classy? Yes, indeed.
Would I like to have in my wardrobe? Well: yes.

Stunning design:
oversized collar, star-shaped buttons, mid-facing tight pleats..
this dress shows us a brand new form.

...and just perfect timing: while we enjoy out Winter Olympics on the TV
we can spot how they looked like back then

Not many images feature sunglasses.

"Elegant and precious by handwork"
Embroidery done by your hands make dresses new, fresh and unique.

Thinking more about it, it's a perfect solution. A lot of ladies out there were not capable of getting unique dresses. They were obligated to shop for the confection-clothes: those pieces that all look like, and they came from he same assembly line. After getting one of those "copy & paste" dresses, you did not want to look uniformed, no. So, by putting a few little details on the collar, or by attaching a design to your bust (or maybe a belt?) you could transform your look and be elegant, sophisticated, and by all means: unique.

Sporty shirts.

Elegant blouses - something for every lady

School children in their best suits.


It writes:
"Quickly stars working: your family needs warm clothes"

Not only did this adorable table cloth caught my eye
I noticed the angle-set for the dining table, and
it's just the one we're planning to have in our kitchen / dining room

"Knitting help us relax our nerves"

Perfect little table decorations.
To tell you the truth, my house is full of them.

Tips, tricks and "how to" on installing the zipper.

Learning how to do your zipper is the key feature in dress-making
I'll be honest: zipper is the only thing you need to know to make a perfectly neat
pencil skirt (like the one I made and am wearing just now)

May I avert your eves to the upper left corner:
new stockings.

Absolutely marvellous models.

...ending it up with Stew recipes.

I hope this will brighten up your day.


  1. Love these! Keep these BURDA Wednesday's coming, I love looking at all the darling clothes! I wish you a lovely Thursday, sweetie!

    1. Thank you, I will surely keep them coming! :D
      These outfits are so lovely, inspiring and even if it's a late autumn edition, they are colourful.


  2. Oh my, vintage ski wear and a plethora of a fantastic dresses in the same edition of Burda Wednesday, I'm smitten! :) My hunt for a vintage snow/ski suit is still underway and every time I see great images like this they fuel that search on all the more.

    Big hugs & joyful Thursday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Aha! This answers the question of why I love November magazines: they contain both elegant dresses (preparation for the Big Night in December) AND ski-wear all in one issue.