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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

BURDA Wednesday


Did I ever mention that I love September? ("Where did that come from?" I can hear you ask)... you'll soon see why, my dear friends.

Let me just set up our time-machine.. and let's get going to September 1953.

Upside-down shaped cool-green coat.

I can't name what I don't like about these two pieces,
because they are adorable.

New form for your coats.

...and new colour patterns.

"Daytime dresses for September"

Take a look at the little details on the dresses,
they make originally dull grey look much better

Suits made of jersey and flannel
I'd take them both, because these materials are 
absolutely comfortable for an all-day-wear

Lovely shapes, attention on the details.

Two garments for the ladies with more elaborate upper body.

Spot the spotted grey and white dress
isn't it a darling?

Checkered and stripped.. good combination.

Some may think that checks and stripes leave no room for the playfulness
these images prove them wrong

Guess what these would be perfect for?

"My new work-dress"
Tells you everything

Suits perfect for "up and about"

I we were to step in time, these would be our
"town dresses"

Kids looking glamorous, as always
(note the drawings in the background - the leaves and butterflies)

Would I dress a boy like the one in the lower left corner.. appear like a little man?

Beautiful knitted blouse - in lavender.

I'm being biased on this one, but the green 3/4 sleeve sweater
with the interesting collar - I'd say "yes" to it any day

Absolutely amazing details: the sunshine and the art-deco flower

When I take a look at something as lovely as
the image in upper left corner, I winder
why I never learned to knit.

How about remodelling your writing desk?

More history and more advertisements for the ladies
from days gone by. 

"A woman like you and me"
The ultimate example of what I have been writing about lately
it's a way to advertise back then, saying "we are like you"

"New autumn and winter fashion"

Exclusive models - and exclusive colours
(mint-green is so refreshing, it'll surely brighten up the rainy day)

Recipes for what we call "small bites"

As this image waited for me to take a look at it:
it promotes this lovely yellow sweater, combined with dark blue pencil skirt
(accompanied by the roses)

You know Valentine's is just a footstep away, right?
Well... I just might have a little something ready for you all.. be patient.
♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. Replies
    1. You've chosen the right word for it; these images are fabulous.


  2. You know, I think it's actually rather fitting to share a selection of September appropriate fashions at this time of the year, too, because the end of winter/early spring is very often akin to early fall in terms of the weather - or at least in terms of the types of clothing (not too heavy, not too light) that work well for this period. Inspiring ideas that can be put into use now, no need to wait another half a year! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Well said, Jessica.
      None of us can honestly say that we have a "spring" clothes and "autumn" clothes. We have "season" clothes: my spring and my autumn wary only in shoes and shawls. :D
      ...but, all of these are adorable.