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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hello, hello!

How is your week passing, my friends?
February is generally a warmer month; but this year all went upside-down. January was so warm, I wore loafers; this week is so cold and windy I avoid getting out of the house all together.
If my feet are cold, my heart does not need to be. Nor should yours. And, in an attempt to warm you up, I have another delightful edition of Burda magazine... fear not: it's peak of the summer season in Burda-land, as we step back in time to August 1953.

Shall we?

Brave new cut and a combination
of deep dark blue and a peach colour.

A description of the way to cut and sew
the dress on the cover

August fashion 
The dress on the left is for a slender and petite figure
the suit on the right has a daring silver colour.

Breathtakingly modern, don't you think?
This black suit with colourful details is so attractive
(both in cut and in it's playful design)
and the blue dress with red and blue details is simple, yet with a "sprinkle of colour"

I call this image: "The Three Graces"
They truly are a masterpiece.
Each of them is of different shape, and a different colour pattern
so that we all can find our perfect fit

Now.. these are splashing.
These patterns are created for your summer holiday
Rest assured - you'll get noticed wearing these.

Green is not the colour of envy - not on this page
It's adorable, attractive and ultimately feminine.

I agree with the writing: it is appropriate
Notice how the insides of the blazer match the shirt's design

"We will need them soon"
Preview of the autumn and rain-season fashion.

New ways of constructing the women's dress:
Long and elaborate collars,
Narrow waists and narrow skirts with a front pleat.

All about the ways to make your wardrobe flashier... using your skirt as a statement-item.

"The effect is in the back"
These darling dresses might appear plain from the front, 
but looking at them from the back - it's a whole new story.

"Effective by colour"
Combining and "blocking" the colours was the key feature
for the summer of 1953.

These lovely jackets are knitted.
They are quite variable, so each can find the perfect fit.

There are models without the waist, and there are those with 
the tight and emphasised waistline
There are models in single colours
and there are, oh dear, the colourful models that will brighten your early autumn days

"We are brother and sister"
Sibling fashion.. and a lovely fashion it was.

More of the matching models for your kids.
I think not only do they match, they complement each-other.

Take a look at this knitted female blazer
As simple as a blazer can go, by adding juts few details
it metamorphoses into an work of art.

Yes, even the short-sleeved pieces can be knitted.


Upper left corner deals with a delicate issue of "chicken-feet" - a fungal infection we prefer calling "Athlete's foot" - and a cure for it. In the lower left you can find out how to stay "60 and fit"
And, in the upper right there is an inspiring beetle tablecloth for the kids room.

You think Nescafe is new?

"Mansard can be so cozy"
These images here, even without text, can inspire you
and waken your inner decorator.

Images on the left explain how to 
massage your face

Face massage is important. It truly changed the way I look and feel during the day. I tend to wake up quite swollen, and have a glass of water first thing, then I massage my face. The little action done in the early morning can compensate for a lot of things later in the day. Massaging our faces improves circulation, help get the water retention question under control and does reduces wrinkle production.
Ladies back in the fifties knew that.

More inspiring advertisements.

Just above this text are the words "A few hair in the comb"
it's an advertisement about dealing with hair loss.

Between ads, we can see some hand-stitch ideas.

"Triumph-luxus" the perfect shapewear

The text on new materials for the autumn

Exclusive models
Inspiring as always!

I don't know about you, but I'd love to have a sweater 
just like this little boy's.

Pastry recipes
(these recipes leave no one immune to their presence)

In the upper right corner "your morning must-have"

And a cute girl tells us "bye-bye" till the next time.

I hope you liked it, and that this edition of Burda has warmed you up a bit.
♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. Have you ever seen the movie Dispicable Me? (Specifically the first one.) In it, one of the darling little characters receive a new toy unicorn (she's madly in love with unicorns) and proceeds to belt at the top of her lungs "It's so fluffy!!!".

    You may be wondering where I'm going with this, well, that same excited, happy tone shot through my mind as I scrolled through this week's awesome Burda image, only I felt like hollering out "It's so awesomely vintage!" over each and every fashion shown here. Of course they are vintage because of their age, but what I mean by that is that these looks so perfectly capture the spirit of the early days of the decade and are, unquestionably, all looks I would gleefully sport in a nanosecond.

    And much like that little girl and her unicorn, getting to see these images has, as your posts always do, made me a very happy camper. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh, yes, I have seen it.. On many occasions I quoted the exact line "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die" - as I find it to be the best way of conveying my emotions in certain situations.
      I'm glad you're loving these images.. and I'm sure (knowing you're an avid vintage-fan) that you're inspired by them as much as I am.