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Monday, 24 February 2014

30th Sausage Fair - don't read this on an empty stomach

Hello there.

At noon exactly, this past Saturday, with a slight rain, the 30th yearly Sausage Fair was opened. The crowd kept coming, and coming, until they filled the streets of the village and absorbed the smells.

Meet the Sausage:
2030 meters long (that's 6660,1 feet), making it the 

From candied apples, hard sweets and unavoidable piles of meat, up to hand-made wooden crafts, moonshine and children's toys. There was everything. Even some hand-crafted jewellery, mostly made out of wood and stone; attractive to girls, it was selling out madly.

Dressed in our ethnic clothes, 
the presenter announces the arrival of the sausage

The tractor in the back of this image is pulling it all, 
since it weights over 3 tons - 6000 pounds

Not the crowd; they did not mind the rain. People stepped back in order to let the tractor pass and bring the sausage to the stage, where the sale started. In less than an hour, all the 2030 meters were sold out.

Local band providing the appropriate tune 

My day was quite busy. 
I got up at 7:00 in order to get ready (alas, there are no images of me, since I had not a single moment free). The guests were to arrive at 11:00; but I went to the village at 9:00. There was arranging to be done, waiters to be told where and what to do.
In the village sporting arena, we have set up tables and decorated them. All the important guest were invited to a Big Lunch; and we had to make sure everything goes according to plan.

The sausages and stew being prepared
at the back yard of the village school

While the esteemed guest from all over the globe had the feast; the crowd emerged into the divine smells of pork-everything. Take a look at the offer:

A typical image in village fairs over here:
roasting in front, music in the back

Baked then and there,
you could buy the meat freshly made

Award winning pickles
(matching the meat perfectly)

Roll-up cakes.
You make the dough around the rolling pin,
and then roll it in the various sweet tastes: 
walnuts, cocoa, vanilla..

All in all, it was a busy day. 
The Day of the Fair, for me, was over at 19:00; and then the concert started. By the comments of our guests, it went well (it went more then "well" according to a a fella naked Justin, who came all the way from Chicago).
I hope you've enjoyed this treat (post) and by all means - I hope I'll be seeing you right here next year.



  1. You did warn me, but I am hungry after reading this!! Off to get some snacks from the fridge...

    What a fun day, looks really good x

    1. I told you not to read this on an empty stomach. :D


  2. Oooh, you weren't kidding, that really does set the ol' stomach rumbling! And I say that as I sit here rather stuffed from a late dinner of soup and salad, with a homemade double chocolate muffin for dessert. Much as you were saying about the primal connection with fire, I think that many of us still have a deeply rooted urge to gorge ourselves and feast when we see large quantities of delicious meat like this. Both are so ingrained in our DNA that shying away from them would almost be sacrilegious to our collective human ancestry.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. There has been a fair warning.. for a reason. :)
      This urge to salivate when we see meat - it's incorporated in our bodies and our mind. We are still those cave-dwelling folks that long for food, and feel the need to own as much of it as we can possibly can.. because we still feel that one day, we might not get that much.
      Thank you for a wonderful comment.