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Friday, 10 January 2014

Who has the best figure in Hollywood and why?

Hey there.

Holidays are over. 
We are now facing the issue of stepping on the scale, taking the measuring tape and coping with the fact that "one more slice" does add up to our waist circumference. 
I know that the magazines are nowadays filled with images of celebrities who gained weight; and as we watch them we get the idea that "we all suffer together". It makes us feel closer to them, because: "See, they are human too.. they gain weight too."
That is why I never buy a January edition of any magazine. By February all those chubby, curved, lovely full-figure celebrities will be back in their "too slim to handle" look - and we'll all love to dislike them again.

I prefer my celebrities well fed, fit and packed in a single word: a bombshell

There’s an idea that Hollywood actresses of the 1920's and 1930's had an easier go of than today’s starlets in terms of body shape and pressure. 
But I found this 1931 article from Photoplay magazine that shows that while beauty standards may have been different back then, they sure were not any less normative or idealized.

Let us take a look at it.
(You can open the images in another tab, they are quite large)

Ultimately, the famous women of the 1920's and 1930's may not have faced quite as much pressure to be rail thin, but they still were expected to conform to certain standards .
Though the Photoplay editors mention this as a lamentable thing, they go on to publish the heigh/weight/measurements of the Hollywood actresses and encourage readers to compare themselves.

Are we going to go on with comparing?
♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. I feel the same way about my celebs and their bodies, too. I'll never forget when I was a young teenager and British culinary maven Nigella Lawson started appearing on TV. I was all but entranced by her immensely curvy, feminine, sultry figure and the fact that she actually seemed to like to eat - and to eat in abundance sometimes. I've never been rail thin myself and most of my female family members have great metabolisms (which I don't at all) and skinnier figures, so I really found comfort and inspiration at an early age in celebs who, like me, had a bit of meat on their own bones - whether they were from Old Hollywood or the present day.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I completely agree about those delightful snowflake sweaters!

    1. Oh, dear Nigella. The embodiment of a True Woman. She brought a new light to my life with her elaborate and passionate love of all foods. And she was eating it - right there, in front of us.
      Curvy is lovely.
      Skinny is bony.
      I'm masculine and athletic.. somewhere in between (but, I lean toward Curvy by eating my heart out). I stopped feeling frustrated over bony figurines that stroll on the catwalk. I prefer my muffin and my cream-soup.


  2. January really is the month when everything seems to be about weight and how to get thinner isn't it. And I think this has been a constant thing in the magazines both today and way back in the days. But it has certainly become worse over the years, it's really scary to see and hear young girls talking and focusing only on their weight. I remember myself as a little girl being teased because I was curvier and not as thin as the rest of the girls. It lead to terrible self-confidence and made me really introvert and shy for a long time. But somewhere along the way to adulthood I learned to like myself for who I am, and for me it's more a question of being healthy than being a certain size. I could go on and on about this, the subject always seem to trigger some old emotions for me.

    Hugs, Annie

    1. Being bombarded by all the images of skinny girls with nothing much on them but a smile makes me turn off TV, stop buying magazines and wait for January to be over.
      I can understand the feeling.
      Children can be horrible to other's self-confidence - and they indeed can mark you for a lifetime.
      That is why I keep mentioning - We are who we are.
      And we are beautiful.


    2. Yes that's so true! I actually got the best compliment from my boyfriend the other day when I was feeling a little insecure. He said "You are so beautiful, lovely and sexy, and you know why? Because you are yourself." And that's true isn't it? We are our most fabulous being ourselves!

    3. It takes time, but at the end we all get it: we are loved because we are being our dazzling selves.