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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Edith Head on 1930's fashion - article from November 1938

Hey all.

My fascination with anything (and everything) 1930's is well known here, is it is not strange that my heart skips a beat when I find an original article. And I did, on The Old Magazine Articles.

A telegraph from Hollywood costume designer Edith Head (1897 – 1981) to the editorial offices of PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE listing various highlights of the 1938 Paris fashion scene.
"Paris says: Long waistlines, short flared skirts, fitted bodices, tweeds combines with velvet, warm colors..."

It's large, just CLICK on it and read it easily.

Apparently, Paris went Zaza-mad.

How about you? Is there a little bit of "Zaza-ism" in you?

♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. Surely there must be! I'm not a cabaret singer of course and I've never fallen for a married man, but I certainly like to think that there's a bit of the spirit of the era, the romance of this charming film, and certainly a love for the costumes in it residing in me.

    That Edith Head piece is a marvelous find! She could pretty much do no wrong in my books and is one of my favourite stars of the mid-century fashion and costuming scene in my books.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for the awesomely sweet, original, instantly smile inducingly lovely birthday wishes for Annie. She sends her canine kisses of appreciation back to you.

    1. I honesty believe there's a little fragment of a cabaret-girl in every vintage-loving girl. No matter what the general opinion on them might be, I like them. They sparkle. :)
      The telegram from Paris was so inspiring.. I like coming back to it every time I'm not sure about my looks - so, I've decided to share it and spread the inspiration.

      And: you're welcome.. so is Annie.


  2. I can't remember who recently did a post on her as well, I think maybe Dividing Vintage Moments? I don't know a lot of vintage designers {come to think about it, I know very little of modern ones either}.

    1. Oh, I know the feeling.
      There was a day when I had no idea who were most of the Big Names of the day; but slowly (reading one article after another, you notice the names keep popping up).. it all falls into place. Even if it does not - no one said we all have to know everything about days-gone-by, dear.
      I'm quite sure very few people spend their evenings listening to 1930's tunes and feasting their eyes on old newspapers, magazines or online sources. :)
      ..and who cares about modern designers? They don't make much nice thing nowadays anyway.