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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

BURDA Wednestay

Hey there, dear friends!

In 1949, Aenne Burda expanded her family business into women magazines publishing, she founded a fashion magazine printing and publishing company in her home town Offenburg, Germany. The same year she started publishing magazine Favorit, which was later renamed to Burda Moden. 
The first issue of "Burda Moden" magazine was published in 1950 with a circulation of 100,000 (in January). It gained a great popularity in the market, especially since 1952, when they began to include sheets of paper with patterns for clothes.

And that is where I come in. 
I'm fortunate enough to be able to share this gem of fashion history with you. Today, we are heading to January 1953. (Again, a damaged set of pictures, hence just seven of them..)

Let us take a look: 

What a daring color splash!
We're taught to never go over three colors,
but this front page gives us a "go" to do quite the opposite!

Adorable cuts in both dresses. 
The purple one on the left is made with it's skirt being accordion pleated - 
a thing that keeps coming back in fashion
The grey dress on the right is subtle in it's color,
and compensates that by sided buttoning and impact pockets.

I must add a little detail-aware thing here. The ball in front of them, placed on a glass table, is a true Hit of the Season. I guess we'd now call it a "product placement" - this was how folks back then showed the ladies not only latest fashion in clothing, but also a fashionable home decoration.

"We are invited in the evening" - a Gala Evening-wear
This image is showing us something fresh; 
introducing us to a whole new way of glamorizing a dress - beads and gems.

Beads were sewn onto dresses for a long, long time. There's nothing new in that (certainly, not nowadays, when every little girls shirt has more gems than a pirate's chest) :)
Let us, then, remember one thing: this is a post-WWII period. For European countries, rationing was ending (in England, i was still on, up until 1955). So, re-introduction of attached pearls and gems to a dress must have caused some stir among ladies. 
Up until this edition, we saw a lot of color-blocking, material-combination - this is the first issue to show us (and the post-war world) an ultimate glamorization. 

An absolute "YES" to all of the combinations on this page.
They could all find their place in my wardrobe
(the one on the left especially - since I can never have too many pencil-skirts)

There's nothing that says more "night time" than a striped pajama. 
(Of course I had one as a kid - there could be no other)

Maybe there were Martian-themed and Barbie-themed pajamas when I was a kid, but we didn't have them. A good, buttoned-up, collared and striped - that was the way we wore ours (need I say that not much has changed for me since then?)

"In the evening, when I go to sleep"
Night gowns. Now downgraded to hospital-wear (a shame, indeed)

Look at the one on the left: as the lady get ready to lay in her bed, she needs to spend some time "beautifying" herself: there are cremes to be rubbed, hair to be comber (and maybe bobby-pinned).. Material reminds me of a rich tapestry.. oh, and take a look at her house-slipper.
Question comes to me:
Do you, dear friends, wear house-slippers? We do. It's our indoor foot-wear. And we have them in all shapes and sizes: from simple masculine-looking pattern free to the fluffy one shaped like a bunnies head. But, I like to find like the gal on the picture has.

Oh, yes. Carnivals are THE happenings in January.

There is a huge variety of customs and traditions associated with Carnival celebrations in the German-speaking countries of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. They can vary considerably from country to country, but also from one smaller region to another.
If you take a close look at German magazines such as this Burda, you'll see there's a lot of costumes coming up in January editions. It was always fun to see them - even nowadays they publish costumes:

From January 2013 edition of Burda magazine.

Wouldn't it be great to spend a day (unlike Halloween, carnivals are daytime events - they do tend to spread into the night) at a fair, dressed up like a pirate, a medial princess or an astronaut?
Have a wonderful day!
♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. I'm not sure, when you began this series, if you decided to post on Wednesdays as means of livening up the middle of the week and making it feel a bit easier to slog our way through, but I really must tell you, that is how each edition of Burda Wednesday feels to me. It's a fun, fabulous ray of vintage sunshine that I've come to look forward to with great eagerness, as I've mentioned before. This week is no exception - and I certainly needed a bit of extra sunshine, as I've been fighting a cold for the past couple of weeks, and though it is finally lifting a bit, I know it will still be a couple more days at least until it's out of my system.

    Big hugs - and a bevy of thanks for your awesomely nice comment (and compliments to both of us) on my latest outfit post,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. You've got it right, dear.
      My mid-week can hit me hard. It makes it easier (lovelier and more fun) to break the stress with some of the glamour images from one of the magazines available to me. Not only because they make me smile.. no, I post these because I know they inspire - me and everyone who take a glance at them (or so I hope)
      You are most welcome. My comments correspond my thoughts - and I thought that the images were truly amazing.