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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hey there!

Don't you like Wednesday? 
(Oh, I used to dislike it quite much; until I realized all I needed was a mid-week style booster). These images from vintage magazines, and the stories that my mind makes up by looking at them do help pass that midweek gap; especially on a cold and gray day like this one.
One thing I've realized. Slowly, I started building a little archive in here, haven't I? 1950's decade and it's fashion is piling up on this little place of mine.

Let us now turn back time to July 1953.

Front page features '50 best known design.
(the stamp writes "unsaleable")

Fashion for July.

The striking white suit with grey polka-dots: it's fashionable (by adding colourful details),  but still could be "put down" and conservative. The green dress is ready for the cocktail hours, and you can notice the bodice being elaborately sewn, and being more oriented on shoulders.


"..high summer day"

Mustard was the colour for the 1953. You can see the dresses varying in shape. One type is the pointed collar, worn lifted up; the bell-shaped skirt is fun and the colours are elaborate. The other dress type is more of a figure-hugging, for those who prefer to appear sleek and more like hourglass.

"17 to 21 year old..."
(meaning: teens and tweens)

"..prefer sporty fashion"

The dress in the bottom right corner, does not fall into "sporty" category. It is one of those dresses that a girl wears on a special occasion: a dance, a lovely evening date or a party. Personally, I find this lacy, embroidered, sheer dress so lovely - it'll easily pass as a wedding dress, no?

"Highly modern - yet so simple"

These words are so true. Both of the dresses shown above are what we call "versatile black dresses" - they could honesty be worn for years - by simply adding few trendy details and bold colours.

Amazing creations, great patterns and perfect way to 
emphasize (or create) the hourglass figure

"The fifties are behind us"
(years, that is)

These are fashionable and trendy garments for the elderly, I suppose. With maturity, comes a certain "calm" effect in women's clothing choices. But that surely does not force ladies to stop enjoying adorned dresses. We can see lovely bows on the dresses above.

Subtle "grey and red" pattern on the dress material
gives you colour, but with such small details it is, in a way, humble.

Nothing humble here!

Take a look at the beauties show on the image above. Elaborate sleeve cut, daring detailing, bold patterns on dresses - these fun dresses are perfect for a summer party (or a summer date?)

"Festive summer evening"
Something is wrong with me - I'm seeing wedding dresses everywhere.

"We go.."

"...on vacation"

Summertime is the time for everyone to leave the hot asphalt and hit the beaches, resorts (or maybe mountains - for those who prefer hiking?).
The images focus on "getting there", meaning: what to wear while you travel. Husband and wife wear matching coats (his grey, her red); bottom left corner showing a lady at her best - I suppose she's traveling in style. Girls on the other image are enjoying fresh air in their ethnic garments.. and the lounging beauty is taking rest on stripped sofa (wearing a lovely combination of brown skirt and sheer white blouse - notice the pearls.. I can sense a bit of Coco Chanel there)

 "Quickly done... "


Two images above are showing us how to continue our rationing. Remember: they still had rationing in most parts of post-war Europe. Most of the countries at that time were recovering from large losses, and I doubt that there were many ladies who could afford a lot of new dresses - actually, my granny told me:
"You'd get ONE new summer dress, and you'd get it for Summer Fair"
Town Fair, over here, falls on a different day for every town - depending what is your town's Saint Protector. We call ours "summer" because it, as it's names said, falls in the middle of July. That was the day the girls got to wear their new dresses.
For the rest of the time, it was still pretty much all about "make, do & mend". These images above reflect that so well (if I'm interpreting it properly).

"Children's dresses decorated..."

"...with little hustle"

A bit more on history.
Teaching children about keeping their clothes was a big thing. There was a reason for these images, and the reason was: these could easily be "hand-me-down" clothes. Key thing here is to teach the eldest sibling to keep his/her clothes at best shape, not to wear it out, or tear it (a lot). And then comes mother's ingenuity and craftiness - to produce "new" garments using ideas given above.

"Practical clothing for day and night"

Handicrafts and... 
odo-ro-no (deodorant) - "It's doubly effective"

Elegant and sporty knitting models.

On the left side of this page, we have another gem: "They are too young for grey hair". As I've mentioned last week  advertisements for this sort of products were mainly found precisely in ladies magazines. 

First, let me point your attention on the left side of the image:
lady in the image wears oversized pin to decorate her sweater.
Right side is dedicated to: Lavendozon - "the deliciously fragrant cooling"

"What to do with the books"
No need for understanding the entire text, images are quite inspirational
We can see that the fashionable way was having your shelves low.

Women-oriented ads: from washing detergent, 
over freckle-remover up to ever-present weight loss solutions:
"30 days between these 2 figures" on bottom left.

There are some interesting ads on this image, I'm sure of it...
but the dazzling smile in the upper right corner
distracted me. :)

Breathtaking exclusive models.
Amazing colours, great design, each of these dresses are 
more than welcome in my wardrobe. 

In case you could not sew on your own (it was highly important that you do, but..)
you could "be beautiful and better dressed" for 6.90DM

I'd like you to take a closer look at your lower right corner:
Krautheim pozellan was the equivalent of Royal Albert when it came to quality
you can still find them on eBay.

Vegetarian recipes
(yes, not even that is an invention of the Modern Folk)
..except we used to call it a "meat free meals" :)

Best for last?
Everything about this is adorable: the earrings and matching brooch,
kimono-like coverage and even model's hair & makeup.

I hope this inspired you.. and maybe helped you jump over that Wednesday-gap.
How do you make your mid-week more lovely?
♥♥ Pinky Honey 

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