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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

BURDA Wednesday


These fashion-friendly posts make me happy. But there is more than just fashion in these images; this is the historical document of an era. It contains lifestyle of the days gone by, it has historical value to those who appreciate the era.

Welcome to May of 1953. Let's take a closer look:

Girl on the cover is sporting a short hair.
..and a dress of modern nature - quite interesting white details.

Midsummer dresses
Have you seen something more colourful and playful?
The prints are fun, the design is feminine..

You can see them with or without the cover-up.
It is made for the time of year when sun is high in the noon
and gets colder in the evening.

Having sleeves cut this way, 
you enhance your hourglass figure.
Waists are tightened by the belt - it either matches the dress
or it "breaks" the colour

"Washable chic clothes"
This is a big plus for the garments (and their owners)
taking your clothes to dry-cleaning is pricey 
(may I add that this page has one of my favourite colours)

Page completely packet with history.

Dress in our upper left is plain, but adorned by the impact-belt. What attracts the attention is the basket-bag, ever so popular in the era.
In our upper right, we can see the "flower" hat; and that particular sort of hats we will be able to see much more, almost everywhere: in magazines, in films..
Lovely dress in stripes is shown in the lower left corner. She has a high-collar and floral brooch attached to it. And she's on the phone (oh, the dear dial phone).
Best for last? Maybe. I adore polka-dots. Light material, lovely shape, completed with white gloves.

"The right model for every taste"

Daisy-covered hat. It instantly reminded me of the movie You've got mail and famous line "Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flowers?". I do.
Not only does the girl on the left carries a puppy, she's also sporting a gorgeous basket-bag, decorated by a scarf. Her dress has a "tie" collar.
High collar for longer figure, cap-sleeves for hourglass figure and adorable large print are the key feature of the dress on the right; also the definitive image of the era.


"'s fashion"

See? Not whole Burda is dedicated to the gentile gender. It always features pages for ladies to make something sweet for their gents.

"Wise choices..."

"..for a mature women"

I took some consideration concerning these two images. I wondered: what made these outfits for more mature ladies? First thing I noticed: no cap-sleeves. Second thing: the skirt is not as full as it would be for the younger crowd. 
But the hats?! I could never determine.. what I manage to see is the netting on the hat - that might be the difference. What distracted me were the nails on the hat-wearing lady. How does she manage to have anything done? :)

"For the adult daughter"
Meaning: your teenager's fashions.

Fancy dressing for the younger ladies. 
Bold and bright colours, attractive cut and sweet details.

"Spring weekend"
Sporty, yet elegant outfits for the outdoors.

Ethnic dressing
The red skirt in the lower left, decorated with flowers is a dream.

How about kids outdoors?
(take a look at the princess in the upper right corner  - she's a doll)

Chasing butterflies, picking flowers, playing with ball
all that, but still looking cute.

"Sun and water"
NOW we've reached the peak of the issue - bathing suits.

Bikini has got nothing on these amazing pieces.
Model in the right corner is something I'm searching for.
The cut is feminine, it's a one-piece AND floral design is top-notch.

Summer knitting.
The lower model has great stripes, it's combined with red gloves and scarf.

Advertisements above are targeting ladies (they always do). One is for the hygiene (it states that it disinfects and has a deodorants - and is needed by all) and the other is for your lovely hair (It states: "Save time and money, win beauty"). Magazines were the main way for ladies to seek new products. TV was not yet so big; but there was a large audience listening to the radio shows. Radio-commercials were targeting everyone; however if you wanted to advertise something delicate and feminine - you'd put it on the pages of ladies favourite magazines.

More patterns for your hand-work.

Harmony and beauty.
Being home-proud was a big deal in women's life.

Fashion advice
Colourful, versatile and transformable - the beach fashion of 1953.

Oh, I must apologize - my German is so basic and bland, I have no ability to translate this article to you. If there's someone you know, who will be willing to give us the translation of the "latest" trends - I'll send him/her my biggest hug.

Exclusive models for your most formal moments.
Me, personally, I'd chose the white suit with red details - it is so sophisticated.

More advertisements.
The one in the lower left is quite interesting - it's a shoulder-pad 
it's a handy gadget that helps your garments fit best. 

All those ads that would not be considered "suitable" 
to be played on a radio 
(no one need to know your hair color is not natural, or that your skin is not naturally so soft..)

Colourful recipes
The cake in the upper left corner of the last picture is Black Forest Cake (Kirch-Torte)
...and it taste divine!
(I'll post the recipe soon)

I hope you enjoyed these. And may you have a wonderful week!
♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. You always find the loveliest photos! You've found some great inspiration for your sewing project here I'm sure. :)

    1. I do my best, darling. :)
      These images are true inspiration, not only to my sewing. They brighten up my days, they give me the makeup and accessories ideas and they are so fun to watch.


  2. These Burda posts, beloved creatures of mine that they are, are almost too much to handle - I want so desperately to be able to buy so many of the fashions they feature (ideally at 1950s prices! :)), but alas, such is not to be (unless one makes or commissions some of them). The best we can do usually is to try and find similar items and take styling cues from these priceless looks back at the everyday, endlessly lovely garb of our foremothers.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Many sweet thanks for your wonderfully nice comment on today's outfit post. Silk is totally safe! In terms of materials, that I know of, I'm allergic to nickel (the metal), wool, and sometimes leather. Not always with leather though, and most often, it's with newer (not vintage) leather. I think it has to do with the dyes and/or tanning solutions some leather producers use. Silk, the most elegant of fabrics, is safe and much loved against my skin. :)

    1. True, so true. There are days when I think how great would it be for us to be able to grab an item from the magazine, and make it real. Let me see: what would this be? One of the dresses from the "red" page, or the adorable bathing suit? Oh, I'm sure I'd be able to make a decision, IF this magic wand worked.
      And, you're most welcome.
      It's good to hear that you can handle silk. As leather goes - there are item (newer ones) that even resistant people like myself are getting itchy. It's the colouring, I'm sure of it. Than again - that's yet another reason to try and find the vintage version.