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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

BURDA Wednesday

Hello there!

Are you all ready for a Burda-overload?
This time, I'm giving you an un-damaged, complete edition - 36 pages of Burda magazine from February 1953. Let us step back in time and take a joyful look:

Starting off with a double sided (looks that way) waist-free coat
in attractive deep-green colour.

I get pulled into a magazine so much
that I like even the pages filled with ads.
Ads give us the best insight into daily lives of the people from days gone by

"Sunday morning in an exhibition"
(says more about the customs of an accomplished lady, no?)

The one on the left, in gorgeous honey colour, with pencil skirt and a blazer that enhances the waist of it's owner. It's matched with conservative black ensemble (gloves and hat). The combo on the right is in a colour we like to call "brick red" and the skirt is fuller; the blazer has double buttoning. Again, the conservative black gloves. 
These two give me a hint of what it might have been for the ladies in West Germany on a Sunday morning; since these suits could also be called "our Sunday best".

Here, we can see something I have not yet seen in Burda magazine - 
new designs, new garment construction.

The brown skirt on the upper right has quite the intriguing design it has a one shoulder cover-up with a buckle on the opposite side it has a pocket (truly something new, ladies!).
Let me now shift your attention to the ensemble in the upper middle. The dress is adorned by tassels on it's lowered sleeves - the colour of tassels matches the decorative lining.

"Spring is coming up"
An elaborate display of the latest fashion to look forward in spring.

"The time of blouses returns" - or: Blouses are Back!
We can see them elegant (above, with "ties" on the collars) 
and colourful (at the bottom) that show us that collars could be regular
or you could opt for a Peter Pan - with matching sleeves.

Sheer lace?
I would have to say: Absolutely yes to all of them.
They are the vision of elegance.

Introducing a little pattern that goes long way - the collar.

Collars like these are honesty the magnificent feature to put on and embellish your dress. I've got some lovely lace and these pictures have given me an idea to make a collar. It would be great, no?

"Always decorative trimmings"
Yet another idea (shown over and over - you'll see in later editions)
fake "shirt" to wear under your sweater or a dress.

"Young folks at spring"
Fashion for the tweens.

We can see there's a domination of chequered shirts

As I've mentioned it before:
These fake shirts are fabulous - they do not have sleeves, and therefore
they do not bulk-up your garments
leaving you with a "polished" look.

Ladies at their best.
Each and every one of them a beauty!
Quite the "office appropriate" corporative, yet vintage.

"Such a dress..."

"..we need"
Polka dots and stripes.

"A white dress for the most beautiful day of childhood"
The kids at their best.

Just take a look at these lovely little ladies.
"The festive black dress"

Yet another little anthropological gem: the black dress signifies something sad to us. Unless it is a "little black dress" - so, why not treat all black like it really is: and elegant colour of a sophisticated woman. Personally, I can't wear black (not only due to the fact that my skin is very pale); but also due to the fact that I'm a parrot-person: I love vivid colours!

"What our children..."

"..urgently need"
Nowadays, only the well-off kids look this adorable.
Back then, the girls were Little Ladies, and boys were the Small Gentleman.

I promise, I'll try to find and scan some of the photos of me and my brother - because our mom and grandma used to sew our clothes from magazines such as Burda.

For busy-women's handy hobby
The lace lamp-shade is lovely and looks suitable for a vintage-aware person's living space.

There is NO better way to embellish your everything than cherries.
On your cloths, on your sweaters, as a brooch or a pair of earrings.

Yet another great idea for the kitchen decoration for weight-aware gals by usage of modern knowledge: shown above - the white and blue table cloth. Using blue in your kitchen decreases your need for food. And this is quite simple: there is barely no blue foods in nature. By surrounding ourselves in blue, we should (in theory) consume less food.
And, what better way than this cherries-adorned table cloth?

Here an interesting line:
"Knitted children's dress is undistructable"
I'll be the one to say: True, indeed (this is especially true to the dress you hated as a kid)

Pay closer attention to your right "Have you got a perfect figure?"
This is the reason I like vintage magazines - adds are true gems

"When our children go bigger"
Ideas on children's room decoration.

We did not invent face yoga.. we just gave it the name.
These images are showing how to massage your face.

Rheum, soup, stomach pains..

For your hobby, for your body and
for your crustal smile.

In the upper right - the way to finish up a buttonhole
In the middle right:
"Slimming is no longer a problem"

Continuation of the buttonhole tutorial.

Fashion advice:
Fantasy of Spring.
New and fresh ideas for the forthcoming spring.

Exclusive models - new ides. 

Ladies always liked their horoscope.
No matter if we don't really believe in it or not - as long as it's there, we will read it.

Kaloderma - a brand that still exists. Take a look.
Cosmetics companies use the loveliest models - and a great set of jewellery.

"Tasty dishes prepared quickly"
I always liked the "small bites", and here they are so nicely decorated,

Oh, yes - the add on your bottom right:
"Beautiful bust" - golden form shape-wear.

Last one: "A date on a spring day"

I know that watching these images over and over makes my midweek whole lot prettier. I hope this picture-heavy Wednesday will bring you joy, my dear fiends.
♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. The honey and brick hued suits are slaying me with their impeccable 1950s sophisticated perfection. Swoon, smile, dream, love! :)

    Tons of hugs, dear friend!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes, Sunday morning garments shown on that picture are spot-on something we imagine first thing that someone tells us the phrase "1950's style".